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Got engaged? Here are some things to keep in mind…

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • June 30, 2020
  • 3 minutes read


In all our previous wedding planning blogs we have always talked mentioned that smart planning is the key to a glitch-free wedding. Having everything planned and then sticking it will surely help you sail smoothly through the wedding.  It will not only spare yourself from multiple headaches but will help you have the wedding of your dreams.

After getting engaged, people around are usually eager to know your plans about the wedding. Plus, according to us, this is the right time to start planning and putting together a proper checklist of all the tasks of the wedding.

Here are some helpful wedding planning tips that will help you stay organized and minimize stress.



First things first, Stay Organised


We know, it’s the most obvious thing, but trust us, the more organised you are, the less likely the things will get messed up. Use some wedding planning app that will help you create your to-do lists and even track anything and everything. Use an app that will help you search and even help you book vendors, manage your budget, guest list, save the dates, invites and even create a detailed, day-of timeline. You also need to create a personalised checklist including all to-dos on a month-by-month basis which will be way convenient for you. Also, don’t stress yourself by setting deadlines that might prove to be unrealistic in the future.



Don’t use all your time for planning


We would strongly advise you to choose a day or two during the week to do all your wedding planning tasks. Also, sit down with your partner and indulge them into all the tasks as well as decisions as it will help you eliminate confusion. You need to clearly allocate time for the wedding-related tasks that will help you in the long run.



Dividing and conquering is the key!


This is the smartest way to get all your wedding tasks done. You are your partner need to be together while making all the wedding celebration related decisions. Divide the tasks as per your likes and don’t forget to communicate your views to each other for better insight into all the tasks. While sharing your duties, you also need to share all the details regarding them too.



Be Flexible and Fair


There would be certain things that you and your partner may not agree on a similar note. It may be the theme colour of your sangeet, sherwani’s colour or so on. Everyone has their own preferences, so it advised to be flexible and be willing to bend. You need to have good reasons to be heard and agreed upon. Trust us, making adjustments along the way will help you a lot.



You need to go deep in planning


While handling all your wedding vendors you need to clarify everything in your initial discussions. Always get everything written in a contract including dates, times and locations. Don’t forget to negotiate to get the best deal for goods and services, but don’t go beyond a limit.



We hope it helps!



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