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How FNP Gardens’ newest venue setting #WeddingGoals?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • March 10, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Weddings are one of the most extravagant affairs that are celebrated after months of planning. The most important decision of this celebration is picking out the best venue for the wedding that makes it look like a total fairy tale. To make such events even more special, Ferns N Petals introduced FNP Gardens that has 10 wedding venues under its umbrella. The most dreamy of them all is the newest property named Chand Bagh.

As the name suggests, Chand Bagh is designed on the lines of Celestial theme, making it look like a dreamy venue for celebrating weddings. Chand Bagh is a total treat to the eyes with its breathtaking décor done to make weddings a grand affair. It is a closed banquet with stunning installations that make it one of a kind venue that can suit all kinds of gatherings. The whole venue is designed on the lines of a fairy tale setting with luxurious chandeliers, ceiling installations and a whimsical stage.

Below are some pictures that showcase its beauty from all the angles… Take a look yourself…


Chand Bagh Facade


Chand Bagh Entrance


Chand Bagh Entrance


Chand Bagh Dreamy Ceiling


Chand Bagh Entertainment Stage


Chand Bagh Couple Stage


Chand Bagh Vedi


Chand Bagh Dining Area


Chand Bagh Starry Cieling


Chand Bagh Catering Area


We are sure you must have fallen for the beauty of this stunning venue…


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