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How To Keep Kids Happy In A Wedding?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 6, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Planning a wedding is one of the tedious tasks and in all that chaos, we usually forget about the kids. This is a very common thing, because we as adults forget about doing something for them during our wedding preps. Plus, we also arrange attractive favours for the bridesmaids, groomsmen and even elders, but sometimes, it’s very easy to forget the kids!

We have made a list that includes easy and fun favour and activity ideas for the kids which are not hard to pull off.

So here are suggestions or tips that can help you to entertain the kids attending your wedding!

Set up a separate kids corner or table

This would be a cute thing to do for the kids! You can set up a special corner for them. This would make them feel special as well as included in the event. To make this corner look all exciting you can use some of the ideas below!

Creative Activity Ideas

It is really important to keep them busy and involved so they have a good time too with these adorable activities! You can organize some classic board games or larger than life games that are so much fun. Nowadays even adults are love playing games. 

For their Entertainment and Fun 

You can also arrange a tattoo artist as temporary ones are hit with the kids since 1990!  You can also arrange A body painting artist or caricature stall which will also keep them happy occupied! Also, you can arrange Legos for them as they will have fun building their own centrepieces or maybe a gift for you guys!

You can let them perform or make them a part of the ceremony!

These ideas are a total hit for destination weddings! You can give them a slot for a performance during the Mehendi or Sangeet! Plus, you can have the little ones walk ahead of you as you make your bridal entry! There is one more thing that you can add which is the very famous Playdoh! It’s a total gender-neutral thing and is loved by kids of all ages!

Interesting Favours

Go for some fun things when it comes to favours. Also, which they can take home or use/play with them at the wedding! It could be ring pops, tiny pocket games, mini candy or cookie jars and so on. You can also have Art & Craft related things at the event or get your own activity book printed!

Food Ideas

We are all aware of the fact that kids are really picky when it comes to food! You can make it attractive or add things they love the most. Kid’s menu can include donuts, ice cream cone pops or chocolate-dipped cones, cotton candy, popcorn, cakesickles, macaroons on sticks, milkshake, cookies and whatnot. And, don’t forget Fries! Trust us… you will find more adults than at these food stalls!

The above-mentioned things would make them super happy and keep them entertained too!

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