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Important things to ask your wedding makeup artist

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • November 18, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

You must have surfed through social media and google to look for the best makeup artist in the town for your wedding. After finding the beauty professional who can bring your vision to life you need to be acquainted with some important things from their side. You have to be sure about certain things and for that you should ask some important questions from them. Above all, you should be comfortable as well as confident about your wedding day look. These below-mentioned questions will ensure that there are no surprises the day of your wedding…

Read on…

  • Do they have pictures or a social media handle account where you can look at their previous clients?

This will help you to have an idea about their work and what they can do. You will also get a feel of their skill level and the type of makeup they specialize in.

  • Can you get in touch with their previous clients?

Their pictures can only tell about their work but not about their professionalism. So, just talk to their previous clients who will be able to tell about their punctuality as well as behaviour.

  • What kind of makeup products do they use or which brand do they use?

There are chances that you are allergic to certain brands, so you should check with them the brands they will use for your makeup. 

  • How do they charge? Do they take all payment in advance or on the wedding day?

You should be aware of their payment terms. This kind of transparency is really important while booking all the vendors for your wedding.

  • Do they have a team or assistants or they work alone? Can they bring them for other family members?

There are chances that you may need a makeup artist and their assistant for you or your family members. Plus, multiple helping hands will also help to minimize the time it takes for everyone to get ready. 

  • Do they have a studio? Can they travel to the venue?

Always prefer a makeup artist that can travel to your venue. It will save your time and energy both. 

  • Do they offer a makeup trial before your D-Day?

A makeup trial is really important before the wedding day as your wedding look should not be a surprise on your most special day!

  • What will happen if they get sick or have an emergency on your wedding day?

Emergencies can happen at any time and with anyone so just ask them, but do they have another artist that will replace them or assistants that can take over their duties for the day. Also, ask them about the refund if they have to cancel.

Before booking them, do get answers to these important questions.

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