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#IntimateWeddingGuide: Mistakes to avoid while hiring your Wedding Vendors

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • April 5, 2021
  • 3 minutes read


Wedding planning can get really overwhelming and now as things have changed. It’s the time of intimate weddings as pandemic has taken over our lives. Planning a wedding has always been all about managing your vendors as they are the ones who curate the wedding of your dreams. Therefore, picking the right vendors to make your wedding a memorable event is really important. Sometimes just going through their past work pictures on social media aren’t enough to book them. You have to consider various factors and take a new approach so that the vendor understands your vision. Therefore, here are some mistakes that you need to avoid before booking the wedding vendors for your intimate wedding!


Not inquiring about the empanelled vendors at the venue


Most of the venues in India have so many vendors on their panel with whom they work on a regular basis. They also have the policy that if you want someone apart from their empanelled vendors then a certain amount has to be paid as a royalty fee over and above the vendor charges. So, always inquire, I repeat always inquire with the venue before making a booking!



Not going through their past reviews


Again, a really important thing people tend to forget. Nowadays all the vendors have listed on every wedding planning website as well as an app. They have their whole profile as well as reviews given by their past clients. You should always read them before hiring them as they will give you a clear picture of other people’s experience with them.



Missing on social distancing and sanitizing arrangements


We are still stuck in the pandemic situation therefore this is mandatory, you can’t avoid it. Most of your vendors will be in close proximity with you and your guests, especially your photographers, makeup artists, mehendi artists and more. You need to check with all of them about their sanitizing protocols and social distancing measures that they will be following.



Forgetting mentioning deliverables on the contract


Gone are the days when things used to happen with verbal confirmations. But times have changed and you cannot afford this mistake as situations are constantly changing that too on the daily basis. There should be proper contracts drafted as well as signed by both the parties with all the deliverables especially with the timelines attached. This will help both parties to be clear and safeguarded.



Not considering or asking hidden charges in venues


Again, a very common mistake made by people. While booking venue always asking for inclusions in that amount. You just can’t assume that the charges include everything such as DJ, valet, phoolon ki chadar, bridal entry and so on. Even the generators are charged extra. You need to check everything before paying the booking amount.



We hope this will help you and help you avoid all the mistakes while planning your intimate wedding!



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