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Planning a 2 States Wedding Affaire? Keep these ideas handy!

  • By admin
  • September 24, 2018
  • 2 minutes read

Wedding planning itself is a very challenging task, but things get trickier when you have to curate a multicultural wedding. In such kind of weddings the couples have a desire to add different religions, cultural customs and familial formalities into the mix, that add a layer of complexity into the whole scenario. Here are some useful tips to make it go more smoothly.

  1. Enlighten both the sides to make them understand all the customs and expectations

When it comes to interfaith marriages, people want to keep the piousness of their traditions in the ceremonies. Indulge with the members of the family to communicate properly, which traditions they would like to incorporate.

  1. Personalize your ceremonies

The best thing to do while planning such weddings is to infuse your own unique style in the midst of incorporating two cultures. Don’t let it become just a multicultural alliance, make it your dream wedding.

  1. Engage both the cultures

There can be many fun and creative ways to incorporate details from each side that will help the families to understand more about each other. It can be done in many ways… you can start with food. Try to present a fusion of food from both the backgrounds. It is a great way to make the guests feel comfortable from both the sides with familiar tastes. This will also give them a chance to explore a new cuisine.

Also, try not to involve a lot of rituals unfamiliar to those outside of the culture, so that none of the guests feel left out.

  1. Get help to stay organized

It is always advised to take the help of a professional who will help you to stay calm and manage everything the way you desire. Hiring a wedding planner will give you more time to intermingle with the families and enjoy the celebrations.

  1. Weigh your options

As you will be trying to blend in two cultures, it will surely add up to the cost of the wedding. So, try to slice out some unnecessary expenditures to not to go beyond your budget.

We hope, that these tips will surely help you to have an unforgettable multicultural wedding.

How will you incorporate traditions in your wedding? Have you been to any multicultural weddings lately? Tell us in the comments below!

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