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Some last minute details that all you brides should take care of

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 29, 2020
  • 3 minutes read


How much well planned and on point we are with the wedding arrangements, there are certain things that can get chaotic at a wedding. There are situations when you are so calm and even things are under control, your multi-tasking skills can betray you sometimes. Plus, there is a chance that you may forget some tasks in all that chaos which can haunt you later. It’s a very normal thing, but it may affect you and your celebrations. Fret not, here we are to be on point with your wedding arrangements.

All you need to pen down these important last-minute details that every bride or even the groom should cater for beforehand, which will surely avoid any kind of panic at your wedding functions!



The Bridal Suite Hygiene


These times call for serious hygienic conditions for you as well as everyone. There are chances that your hotel doesn’t have a bridal room ready at the time you needed it. We hope you are aware of the fact that there are a lot of resorts and hotels that have scaled-down operations and what they provide in the name of hygiene, especially in these COVID times. So, do arrange hand sanitizer, wipes, tissue paper, drinks, food, and a phone charger- which are the essentials for every bride-to-be!



Taking out time for all the detailed shots for the pictures


Things have changed completely when we talk about wedding photography. It’s not just the couple or the guests that get clicked at a wedding, but now they will also shoot your bridal shoes, lehenga, invite, engagement rings etc, that requires extra time as well as effort from the photographer’s side. Above all these are done on the wedding day itself. So don’t forget to keep some time aside for it.



Checking the time of sunsets as well as weather


This must be new to you, but trust us, it’s important too. You also have to take care of the timings and see how much time would you have to get done with the daylight shots, or if any sunset shots if required. Above all, you also keep a check on the weather that will help you to have any contingency plan.



Don’t forget to have some backup plans


Let’s not forget it’s an Indian Wedding and delays are meant to happen. It’s a very common thing at Indian weddings that baraat keeps on dancing for hours and hours or the bride took more time to get ready than expected leading to delays. Therefore, you should have a backup or action plan in mind to keep your guests entertained.



We hope this helps.



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