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Things to keep in mind while planning your Monsoon Wedding

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • June 2, 2021
  • 5 minutes read


Monsoons are one of the favourite times for everyone in India. Those cold breezes, droplets of water and the petrichor (sweet scent soil after rain) make it the best time of the year. So, how about getting married during the monsoons. And what is more dreamy than the idea of a monsoon wedding. Though rains can be unannounced with the onset of winds that can also lead to excessive humidity, which can make planning a monsoon a tough task. But here we are, like always to help you plan a monsoon wedding venues in chattarpur .

So, for all the monsoon lovers who really want to get married during this season without fearing rains ruining your day, here is a checklist that you can rely on.



Start with the perfect wedding venue


As it’s the rainy season, you should always go for an indoor venue. It would be a better option as your indoor venue won’t get damaged because of the rain. You even have to take care of your beautiful attire as it may get damaged in all that mud. Above all, an indoor venue will keep all the decorations safe. You also need to make sure that your venue is fully air-conditioned so that it doesn’t get uncomfortable for you and your guests.

Also, if you are really keen on going for an outdoor venue then you need to make arrangements for a convertible venue.



The right type of decorating items


The rains, as well as thunderstorms, would be really unexpected and they can even damage the light wedding décor items that do not weather friendly. You would need to avoid the lightweight structures that can be easily blown away by the wind. Also check those artefacts, that stay secured properly in their places and not fall down or break. If you talk about flowers then you should also stay away from fresh flowers for decoration as rain may spoil them. Switch to bright coloured décor with fairy lights making it look all beautiful.



Let’s talk about the food


Food is the essence of every wedding but when it’s the rainy season you have to be careful about the diseases as well as infections that come with the season. Therefore, you need to take care of the hygiene when it comes to the food served at the wedding. Just make sure the food prepping takes place in a clean area. You should also stay away from uncooked items such as salads that increase the chances of any disease. Instead, opt for a cooked, monsoon friendly menu and don’t forget to include hot beverages like soups, coffee, and tea. Some hot jalebi with rabri, or even gulab jamuns, these desserts are also great choices for the rainy season.



Easy to handle outfits and comfortable footwear


You have to comfortable in your outfit at your wedding as you should enjoy the celebration as much as the guests. Therefore you should opt for the right kind of bridal outfit that is suitable for this weather. It’s better if you go for something lighter, breathable fabric like silk organza, pure chiffon, and georgette. Such fabrics don’t even get ruined with rainwater and hence, therefore they a wonderful choice. Similarly, ditch the heavy embroidery as rainwater may spoil the intricate embroidery. Go for pastel shades of pinks, peaches, and blues, etc. when it comes to colours.

If we talk about shoes, you are always inclined towards heels for the wedding, which would not be a wise decision in this season. It won’t be easy for you to walk in those heels on the muddy grounds where the grass is also squishy. Your heels will keep digging in the wet grass and with the heavy outfits, which would not be comfortable for you. Instead, go for classy jutis which look very stylish and comfortable at the same time.



Weather friendly makeup and hair


The humidity is the real vibe killer in the monsoon. That constant sweating and discomfort can ruin your look. Therefore, opt for the right kind of makeup as well as hairstyle. Don’t leave them loose cos you might end up with an untameable frizz which may look hideous. Go for a stylish loose bun making you look elegant and modish.

The same goes for makeup. You have to stay away from cream-based. You should go for absolute waterproof makeup to avoid it becoming runny in case of a sudden rainfall or because of all that humidity that can melt the makeup. Just keep your makeup light and dewy making you look all-natural!



Just keep these points in mind while planning your monsoon wedding!


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