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What are the challenges faced while planning a wedding?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • May 5, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

What are the challenges faced while planning a wedding?


As we have always said that planning a wedding is not a piece of cake. Being the most important celebration of your life, it requires extra attention and a lot of efforts to curate the most special day of your life. There is a long list of tasks that needed to be done before the big day and all that management of all the tasks as well as vendors makes the process a little overwhelming. Though you can take the help of your friends, family, and a wedding planner to make all this easy, there are certain challenges that are faced during planning a wedding.

Here are the top five challenges that most people face while planning a wedding:


Dreamy Wedding Expectations


We totally understand that you must have dreamt of so many things for your wedding but sometimes unrealistic expectations while planning a wedding can make you hit a brick wall which may lead to a bit of frustration. There are certain details that some brides go overboard with such as bridal entry, vidai and so on that adds to the budget of the wedding making it expensive. We would suggest you to not to be discouraged and just be realistic about what can be actually done and what cannot be. Just relax and take help as you may need to help to carry on these tasks.



Deciding and managing the budget


The wedding budget helps us to make all the necessary decisions for the wedding and trust us it is always a challenge while curating a wedding. All you need to do is sit down and see if things can be done by yourself. DIY is not that tough and at the same time, it looks beautiful and saves cost too. Just log in on the internet go through some awesome DIY tutorials and learn something about flowers or décor. This will surely help you to save big in these areas and use that money honeymoon or reception.



Vendor Competition


We are all aware of the fact that there is a very tough competition between the vendors of the wedding industry including your caterers, photographers, venues, and flower suppliers. You have to stick to your budget before you start finalizing your wedding vendors. Just avoid being pushover either as these guys will try to outbid each other. You need to be really sure what you’re looking for before making any decisions.



Have you heard anything about Wedding Monsters?


As we have mentioned before, wedding planning is an overwhelming process that could take a toll on someone but it’s not always the bride that loses it. Sometimes it can be the groom, your mother in law, or a best friend. All you need to be proactive and stay calm to handle the situation. You can also read online on how to handle such situations. Don’t forget to give yourself some time away from wedding planning and relax.



Being organized is the key!


Curating all the ideas, inspirations, and managing all the vendors while organizing the wedding can get a little difficult. So maintain a proper wedding planning guide that will help you to stay sane while planning the wedding of your dreams.



We hope this will help!




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