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What are the dos and don’ts of asking help from your relatives with wedding planning?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 16, 2020
  • 3 minutes read


Wedding planning is not a one man’s job, there are so many tasks involved that you would require some helping hands if you are thinking of doing it without a professional. You would need some people to help you even if you are planning an intimate ceremony. Trust us, you can totally rely upon your family members for it. You have to keep in mind which member would prove to be really helpful in the whole process because there is some member on whom you can lean and on who you can’t. It’s a possibility that not everyone wants to be involved in the planning work but there will be some people who would love to be a part of it.


So, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts that you need to ensure you’re staying on the right side of the etiquette rules while asking for help.






Only ask those on whom you can rely upon


If you ask one of your cousins or aunt to reach someplace to help you out, then they should be there right on time and they come all prepared. You shouldn’t rely upon someone who comes late to help and keeps on bickering all the time while you look for suitable outfits.



Pick someone who can be the calm to your storm


It’s a very common feeling for brides that they get anxious and happy as the D-day approaches. This can happen to you too… So, if your sibling is one of those who argues a lot with you then you should totally pick someone who can be all relaxed around you. You can ask one of your friends to help you out.

You should give them enough time for their tasks


There would be some family members that would love to help you so you need to take their help but at the same time be fair with them. Give them enough time to complete the tasks. For this, you need to be organized early on so that you can pass on the task and give them the right amount of time to complete them. If everything went as planned then there are chances they may volunteer for more tasks!






Never ask for anything that is beyond their skillset


Just because one of your cousins is an excellent baker that doesn’t mean she can bake a multi-tiered, decorated cake for your engagement. It is a very difficult task and it takes special skills as well as equipment that would be required to make that tiered cake. You can use her skill to bake some brownies for your bachelorette or to be given as favours.



Don’t expect too much from one person


Only your immediate family can make an exception to this rule, but your friends or cousins shouldn’t be expected to give up their lives just to plan your dream wedding. So, just spread the love and excitement and not that extensive workload!



Keep these in mind and then you are good to go!



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