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Why You Should Talk to Your Friends About Wedding-Related Stress?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 2, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Related Stress


All of us expect wedding planning to be filled with excitement, joy, and anticipation and for most couples, it goes on with the same enthusiasm, but sometimes even the happiest of pairs get stressed. The whole process of planning involving families, money and everything gets so overwhelming. Studies have also shown getting married as one of the top ten stress factors in an adult’s life. It is advised to give yourself space, spend time in nature, get a massage, or practise deep breathing and yoga to relieve stress. But, trust us talking to your friends about it would be hugely beneficial. They will not only listen to you giving extra assistance, but they will also offer you a good vent session which is all you need to put stressful situations behind you.


If you are having second thoughts about sharing your wedding-related stress, here are some that will convince you to do it…



Normalizing sharing benefits with everyone


It’s not an easy task to plan a wedding without any stress and usually, people are hesitant about sharing the stress with their friends. There are chances that your friends have gone through the same or may go through in the future. Therefore, it can be a tremendous relief to have someone you can confide in when things get a little stressful with wedding planning, budgeting, or even family’s expectations. Your friends can even share a similar story from their own wedding planning that will be helpful for you to put your own situation into perspective, or vice versa.



A little help in your troubleshooting


It has been observed that couple only depends upon each other to troubleshoot while planning a wedding, but if you involve an outsider who’s less connected to the situation will help you bring in a new outlook or solution to any kind of issue. Just talk to your friends when you’re struggling with making a chance or coming up with a Plan B for any situation.



Your friends can help you take a break


Friends have always been the stress busters of our lives! Even while planning a wedding they will help you take some time off from the wedding funk. Maybe they’ll suggest going on a staycation, a trip, a hike, or even booking a massage together. There are also chances that they will show up with tickets to some stand-up comedy which would surely be a stress buster! Whatever they choose will help your mind off from wedding-related stress!



They may take some tasks from you


There are chances that you reach a point that you want to offload some of the tasks on your list. You may feel the requirement of calling in troops to accomplish everything you need to get done. There will be friends who will be happy to come to your rescue and help you with their contribution.



You will also have a good laugh at certain moments


Your buddies will surely find a way to make things lighter for you and make you laugh about things that are simply beyond your control. As we all know laughter is absolutely the best medicine when you’re stressed. So, take a break and have a good time with your friends!



I guess I have given you enough reasons to rely upon your friends when you are facing wedding-related stress…


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