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7 Unpredictable Mishaps the Brides Should Be Prepared For!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • March 10, 2019
  • 4 minutes read


Being a Perfect Bride is not at all an easy task! And you just can’t avoid some little goof-ups totally… They are called emergency for a reason- they pop up when you’re least expecting them. These unpredictable mishaps can really ruin your big day! Therefore, it’s always good to be prepared for them, and we are here to help you with just that. So, here are some bridal emergencies that can pop up on the big day, and it would really help to be prepared for them beforehand. Below are some problems, with their solutions, of course, to help you avoid panicking on the D-Day!

Here are some solutions in case you’re caught in one of these situations!


You Are Not Satisfied With The Makeup Or Hair Done By Your MUA!

Getting the perfect makeup or hair on your wedding day is not an easy task. Therefore, it is advised to get a makeup trial before the final day as it will give you an idea of your look. Plus, if you are not satisfied with your final look, then don’t hesitate to speak up! Your MUA or hairstylist have to make the required adjustments to make you satisfied with the makeup as well as the hair.


Being Ditched By Your Vendor


Never ever book a vendor without going through their reviews. It ensures you to know about their past client’s experience as well as you get someone professional who won’t do this unless it’s unavoidable. If it does happen, recruit the help of your other vendors to see if they can call in favours to help you out.


A Little Wardrobe Malfunction


You just can’t trust your dress’ zipper or a hook as they can ditch you on your most special day. So, do carry an emergency sewing kit while you are getting ready at the venue.


A Mark On Your Outfit Left By The Perfume

It’s a very common mistake as well… So, if it’s a fresh stain then it is advised to dab it with a damp cloth can help get rid of it and don’t rub that area at all. If it’s been a while, then use some rubbing alcohol or diluted vinegar with a paper towel or clean cloth to get rid of it.


Shoe Bite Or Breaking Of Your Heel


It is always suggested to break in your wedding shoes before wearing them on your wedding day so they get loosen a bit and don’t bite. Plus, you will get an idea if they will hurt or not…  And do carry an extra trusty back up pair!


Feeling Unwell Of Your Wedding Day!


If you get sick, the last minute, then would be unfortunate, so all you need to be is cautious about your health. You really need to take good care of yourself, so eat healthy and still if you feel unwell, contact your doctor ASAP!


Puffy Red Eyes, Irritated Skin, Or Even Worse, What If A Pimple POPS UP!


One of the common things to happen with the brides to be after their pre-wedding functions like Sangeet or Cocktail party is puffy red eyes! So keep spoons or damp green tea bags in the freezer to put over your eyes to reduce puffiness. Or you can also use slices of cucumber too and also use eye drops to get rid of the redness. For irritating skin, you can rub an ice cube on the face to calm down the redness. Warm compresses or Cortisone injections can help subside a pimple.


We hope you don’t face any of the above-mentioned problems but still, if you do, you got all the solutions handy with you!



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