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Basic things to keep in mind while going wedding shopping

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 2, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

We know, bridal shopping can be daunting as moving from one showroom to another will be so tiring. But there is no escape from it if you are getting married. So, instead of running away from it you should totally try to embrace this madness. Now we will tell you how! Starting your bridal shopping? Here are some basic things that you should note before stepping into all that madness!


Life is not a Karan Johar movie!

We have all been there! Totally drooling over those Kareena and Aalia’s outfits in Karan Johar’s flicks. But they are not easy to get as well as flaunt comfortably in real life. So, be practical when you go hunting for that perfect lehenga.


Stick to your budget

The most important of all… stick to your budget. If you have found your dream lehenga, then don’t just buy it blindly. You can get it customized, or designed in a lesser price too. So, be patient and look for customizing options.


Do you really want a second dupatta?

You must have spotted double dupatta on various brides and must be thinking to get that for yourself. But that dupatta is going to cost more which may take the cost up by leaps and bounds. This could affect your lehenga’s budget, so try sticking to the single dupatta.

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Even your shopping companion matters

There’s a simple logic ‘More people = more opinions = more confusion!’ This should be the last thing you would want. So choose your shopping companion wisely!


Don’t forget about Tax!

You must have heard of GST! So, don’t forget to factor in them like this as well as shipment makes the costs go up based on how far you wish to ship your outfit!


So, are we sorted?

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