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#BridalGuides: Some Important Things To Avoid A Week Before Your Wedding!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 16, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Being a bride is not an easy task as you have to do a million tasks to have a perfect wedding. With the wedding day just coming closer, the nervousness, as well as the excitement, starts building up and when it’s just a week more to go, there must be so many butterflies dancing in your tummy! But in all that madness, your checklist brings you right back to the reality of your wedding planning. We have earlier discussed things to do before the wedding but now we have made a list of things not to do a week before the wedding! So take notes!

Stay calm and avoid fighting with your fiancé!

This is a very common thing as many couples do this in all that chaos. The wedding madness can get onto nerves that sometimes leads to miscommunication and fighting. So, stay calm and avoid an oncoming argument. Always, sort it out like mature adults!

Don’t start any new skincare or makeup

You wedding is just 7 days away, so don’t take risks with your skin. New skin care regimes may sound tempting but this won’t be the right time to try them. There are chances of your skin purging or what if it doesn’t suit your skin.  

Avoid Brazilian wax

It is always advised to get it done at least 10-15 days before the wedding, as sometimes it can cause redness or sensitivity that can take a week to go.

No Binge drinking

We know it’s your wedding and you want to enjoy the fullest and drink as much as you want but we would suggest you do it as much as you want after the wedding. Binge drinking can leads to puffiness on the face and loads of extra, empty calories. Plus for some brides, it can lead to redness on the skin, and not mention, a bad hangover!

A strict no to chemical peels or microdermabrasion

These treatments do promise silky smooth skin, but a week before the wedding is not the right time to get them done as they can lead to irritation, skin peeling, purging and even a lot of redness! Try them a month before the wedding and not closer to it!

Avoid any experimentation with your hair 

Don’t try any new haircut or hair colour just a week before the wedding. Haircuts sometimes change the texture and style of your hair, which may not sit right either. In the case of hair colour, get it done about a month before the wedding, not a week before it. Just get your roots done is fine but nothing drastic like changing the colour of your hair!

Avoid All-nighters

We know, staying awake is one tempting proposition to party. But get your sleep as you beauty sleep to look all radiant on your wedding day. You don’t want puffiness and dark circles at your wedding now, do you?

We hope these tips will help you to look flawless on your wedding day!

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