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Bring in the beauty with the French Decor

  • By admin
  • September 24, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

The wedding is a one a day affair, but marriage is for a lifetime is indeed a cliche. But if it is celebrated with opulence, then its memories will surely last forever. The Indian weddings are popular for their great pomp and show which also gave them a name of “The Big Fat Indian Weddings”. The most important element that makes them worthy of this name is their grand decors that are built with great emphasis on detailing.

The themed weddings are a rage now in the Indian wedding industry and people are very much keen incorporating theme ideas in their wedding functions. Amongst all the most popular as well as loved decor theme for weddings is the French Decor theme, which is also known as the Paris theme. As people around the world are very much in love with the French culture as well as its beauty that now they want their wedding functions to reflect the same elegance.

This decor boasts an ability to bring a sophistication to any kind of wedding function. Such theme weddings are mainly designed splendid floral decorations as the French consider flowers very important for any event in their life. The flower decorators add life to the whole setup with the help of props, flowers and the drapes. The most used flowers at these themed weddings are mainly roses and carnations. The flowers are also used to frame the windows beautifully with a lot of importance given to the details and perfection to create a dream wedding come true.

The theme weddings with this decor in India are not only spectacular, but are adorned with the loveliest ideas. Each and every aspect of these decor is designed as well as executed in a very elegant manner. The elements that are worthy of all the attention at these themed weddings are the floral motifs, chandeliers, bouquets, bird cages, vintage linens, laces and not to forget the Parisian seating arrangements. No doubt, these themed weddings are very much enticing, but in India, the decorators also add a design vibe to the decor. It is mainly done by adding the most loved classic jasmine flowers as well as rustic lamps to add an Indian touch to the weddings.

The French decor comes under the designer themed weddings and if they are done right, then they will be remembered by not only you, but also by your guests.

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