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What wedding invitation etiquette you should follow while sending them?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • July 25, 2019
  • 4 minutes read

Wedding invites are one of the most important parts of every wedding. It helps to announce as well as invite guests to be a part of your special day. In that long list of wedding planning sending out, invites is one of the tedious tasks. Previously, we have also listed some things to keep in mind before selecting your wedding invites to help you out. Then, there are certain things you need to care about before sending them as it gives your guests all the crucial information about how your big day is planned.

In that whole process of sending those invites the main concerns that will cross your mind such as, what to include in the invitation, how to say it, and when to send them. So to relieve yourself from all the above-mentioned concerns, you need to understand some wedding virtual invitation etiquette. There are certain basic rules and guidelines that you can follow that will make sending out invites simpler and hassle-free.

So, here is all the information that you need!


First, things first! What is the right time to send out your Save the Dates?

In India sending a save the date is fairly a new concept, but it has become important in the case of a destination wedding. It is basically a formal etiquette to announce your wedding date and give your guests plenty of time to do all the prepping that is required to attend your wedding. The right time to send a save the date is at least six months prior if it is a destination wedding or minimum three if you are getting married in the same city. You can send them in any form such as email to cute flyer cards to any form of creative means you wish.

Pro tip: Be absolutely sure of your wedding guest list, so you know you are sending it out to only those who you are inviting to your wedding.


What would be the right time to send the actual invite?

The wedding virtual invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before the big day, for local guests. In the case of guests travelling from different cities or parts of the world, you should send them at least three months in advance, as they will need some time to make their travel arrangements. This helps your guests get ample time to plan their schedule accordingly for your wedding.


What is the right way to address your wedding invites?

There is a simple rule for addressing people which is usually by the names they actually use. You can also use Mr. for men and Mrs. for married women or Ms. for unmarried women if you want them to be formal. Whereas doctors are addressed as Dr We advise you to be sure on how to use them properly, before diving into traditional and proper honorific.


What kind of information should be included in the invite?

There are four basic things that you need to remember while preparing the invitation. Those four things that should be communicated to the guests are who, what, where and when. It would be really nice if the invitation card is visually creative and appealing but make sure you don’t get creative with information as they should be communicated in the most simplistic manner.


There can be other things that can be included or removed altogether from your wedding invitation. Always keep in mind that your wedding virtual invitation sets the tone for your big day along with getting the guests excited about your wedding. So, remember to be communicative and creative while designing your wedding invitations. Don’t leave out any important information. Keep these wedding virtual invitation etiquettes in mind before sending out the invites.

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