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Cool Ways To Survive A Summer Wedding

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 29, 2019
  • 5 minutes read

Getting married in the summer months? We are totally aware of the fact that summers are not the ‘ideal’ time to get married but it’s not all bad also and sometimes you can’t fight with the date picked up by your pandit. Some people even like summer weddings too as they cannot stand freezing in the cold or staying up all night for the pheras on a chilly winter night. But you need to make a little extra efforts to plan summer weddings and being the bride you also need to take care of yourself to survive it smoothly. 

Thinking how will you survive a wedding during summers. Here are some genius summer wedding tips that will help you to stay calm during the wedding! 

Stay Hydrated With Water 

It is really important to stay hydrated in summers. So, keep having water throughout the ceremony. Being the bride you may feel extra hot because of all that heavy makeup and jewellery and if you want to feel your best, keep a bottle of water handy at all times. If you’re going to be drinking, alternate every drink with a glass of water. 

Make It Comfortable 

If you have planned an outdoor wedding then make sure you have enough gazebos to provide shade. Plus, it is also advised to fix mist fans and air coolers to make it slightly more bearable. 

Pro tip: Have the food set up in an indoor area so that the guest who wish to, can enjoy their meal in the cool air of the AC! 

Go For Easy Breezy Outfits

Dark colours and heavy fabrics should be totally avoided. Instead opt for cotton, chiffons, georgette and mal mal whereas velvet or raw silk are a big NO! Choose lighter shades and reduce the layers in your outfits and keep the work to a minimum. Let go of the heavy dupatta and go with a pre-stitched cape instead. 

Hand Fans To The Rescue

A hand fan will go a long way in the ceremony! Keep a hand fan by your side to use it whenever you feel hot and sweaty. You can keep it for all the guests if there is an outdoor ceremony. These hand fans can also be personalised with the bride and groom’s initials or match them to your wedding theme. 

Summer Wedding Survival Kit Is A Must

This survival kit is a must! You should tell your bridesmaids to prepare a pouch for you with blotting paper, mini deodorant, sunscreen and fresh face wipes. To know more you can also read What are the must-haves in an Indian Bridal Emergency Kit? This will help you to prepare one!

Tied Up Hair 

The best way to survive a summer wedding for a bride is to keep her tied up at all times. Avoid open hair styles and go for top knots, messy buns or even braids. 


Minimal Makeup 

Heavy makeup can lead to sweating so to avoid that you need to keep a few basic things in mind. It is advised to wear a foundation with SPF that will save your skin from the sun. Plus, avoid shimmer and go for matte eyeshadows and blush. Make sure your makeup artist uses an amazing primer and waterproof products. Switch the powder blush and eyeshadow with a gel formula or better still, go for a stain for your cheeks and lips.


A Summer Special  Refreshment Zone

Add some summer specialities into the menu to make your guests enjoy the ceremony rather than melting in the heat. Some cool drinks should be arranged on their arrival to cool them off. You can all arrange refreshing summer mocktails and fresh fruit juices or coconut water, aam panna to your menu along with flavoured ice lollies! 

A Perfect Time To Flaunt Sunglasses

This is kinda trending too! To nail this look you, make sure that your sunglass frames match your outfit and face shape. You can also add in some funky ones too to act as photo props for the guests! 

Lather On The Sunscreen! 

Sunscreen is an absolute must. Before you sit down for your makeup, apply a good sunscreen all over your face, neck, arms and legs. You can also add a mini sunscreen bottle to the welcome kit for your guests! Of course, this too can be personalised! 

Say Yes To Artificial Flowers

Flowers are an important part of the wedding decor. In fact, flowers make all the difference and the heat could cause them to wilt before the function even begins. Take our advice and opt for artificial flowers that look gorgeous all through the night. In fact, you can use the same ones for 2 of your functions as well. Not only will they look better but will also be more cost-effective. 

We hope this will help you to survive through your summer wedding comfortably!

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