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How to deal with post-wedding blues?

  • By Karina Dogra
  • July 6, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

newlywed couple


After a fairytale wedding and a dreamy honeymoon, comes a time when newlywed couples get back to reality and start living a married life together. Have you ever heard of post-wedding blues? Yes, they are real, and some couples feel it together or one partner feels it more than the other. It is a feeling of melancholy when you go back to living your daily routine after a fun wedding celebration. As people say, post-wedding blues happen when the wedding is over, and marriage begins. However, it does not have to be that way. There are some effective ways through which you and your partner can overcome post-wedding blues and make your married life exciting.



Communicate with your partner


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The best way to overcome any phase in your life is by communicating with your partner. Addressing your concerns and discussing your feelings will make it easier to solve them. If you are experiencing post-wedding blues as a couple, it is easier to share your feelings because you both are on the same page. It gets tough when only one partner is feeling dull, and this is a more crucial time for communication to avoid any sort of misconception in the future.



Remember that your wedding is not your marriage


marriage ceremony


Planning a wedding is exciting and chaotic at the same time. Couples often get so carried away with wedding planning that they forget that the wedding thrills last for a short time. It is important to remember that the real marriage starts after the wedding. Discuss with your partner and talk about the life after the wedding, plan your life together, talk about certain milestones and lifestyle changes. Go visit chattarpur farms in delhi .



Make your married life exciting


married life


Your married life doesn’t have to be monotonous and boring. One of the best ways to beat post-wedding blues is by making your married life exciting. Create a buffer time for your marriage when you can wind down with your partner. Plan date nights, travel, plan exciting activities with your partner and find things to do that can add warmth and love to your day. It is more comforting when you and your partner keep reminding each other of how much value their marriage has.



Stay close to family members and friends


family and friends


Marriages also help us redefine our relationship with family members and friends. To stay grounded and to feel more energetic about the married life, stay in touch with the family members and remind yourself that marriages don’t mean that you leave your family behind. Post-wedding blues are often associated with how disconnected you feel from your family and friends since you are no longer living in the same household. Spend more time with your family and discuss your overwhelming feelings with them.



Find hobbies or focus on your career


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To feel more connected to yourself and make use of your time, find hobbies that you used to pursue before you wanted to learn. This way you feel more productive, and it can be an added skill. Additionally, it is more fun if you involve your partner as well and start pursuing a hobby together. This will help you bond as a couple and build a deeper relationship. If you are already working and have a career, you can resume working so you can feel like your old routine is back. It will distract you from post-wedding blues and help you focus on what is coming next.


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