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PostWeddingGuide: Get to know What Your Attachment Style Says About Your Relationship!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • July 27, 2021
  • 4 minutes read



Having a beautiful wedding Venues Delhi is one thing, but what about having a beautiful married life. It takes a lot of effort and love to make it a joyful ride. You must be surprised to know that our attachment style dictates our way of handling all kinds of relationships be it romantic, personal, or professional, and how we meet our needs. All of this starts from our childhood and it stays with us even we get into new relationships as adults. We also learn what kind of attachments and friendships are safe as in which people are warm and responsive to our actions. All these experiences make us believe that only people who will stay with us love and are trustworthy.

If you are also aware of different attachment styles, you would be able to classify yourself under which category you come under to further help you understand your way of handling your relationship with your partner!



Secure-Autonomous Attachment


If you generally feel safe and connected in your relationships then you fall in this category! Also, if you are one of those people who have a secure attachment style, you can trust people easily, accept support, reconnect with your partner after a tiff, and do not usually feel threatened or take things personally. People with such characteristics can easily develop stable and healthy relationships that are capable of handling the ups and downs of life and relationship issues.



Anxious-Preoccupied Attachment


As the name suggests itself, people with such attachment style are usually the ones who grew up dealing with their feelings alone which made them anxious as well as clueless about how to deal with it. Such people find it hard to trust their partners and end up living with nagging doubts and insecurities about their partner’s love towards them. Even little arguments make them anxious about the future of their relationships. They get scared easily which further makes them clingy, needy, demanding, and controlling. They also need immediate reconnection to know their attachment is okay or they feel alone. If you also fall in the same category, then you should seek the help of a therapist. This would help you to learn techniques to cope with situations that might arise in your relationship.



Avoidant-Dismissive Attachment


Trust us, this style of attachment is hard to understand, but it too stems from childhood. Let us tell you how… there are some instances in childhood such as being little and frightened by the thunderstorm, your mother was there but she pretended to be asleep, ignoring your cries-or maybe, she comforted you for too long, overwhelming you with her feelings, or her need own need for closeness. Whatever the case may be, there are chances that you end up believing that your mother, or anyone else, would not be present when you are upset, or you learned that your mother would be responsive, but you would have to pay a price to get her attention. Thus, this reflects in your relationships as an adult too, you might be the kind of person who is hard to pin down-fleeing when the commitment comes knocking or if you feel smothered by your partner.



Disorganized-Unresolved Attachment


If you were a person who had faced difficulties dealing with feelings of sadness and abandonment as a child and at the same time felt life was inconsistent, perhaps calm one moment and scary the next, then you might fall under this attachment style. As an adult, you might become a person who seems to crave closeness, but you pull yourself back once you get it, you pull yourself back! This would affect your relationship too as no matter how it is going, you may pinpoint the problems and push your partner away-perhaps you may even feel numb. But if you are lucky and have a partner willing to work alongside you, then you should try to work through your attachment issues. This will help you create a stable, secure attachment to each other that will produce a long-lasting, happy relationship.



We hope this will help you to see where you belong and how to work it out!

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