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How to deck the poolside area for your wedding functions?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 9, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

As weddings are getting cooler day by day, the ceremonies have got fun as well. Plus, when it comes to summer weddings, people want to make it all crazy to beat the heat with epic celebrations by the pool. Yes, pools are usually present at almost all wedding venues like resorts & hotels, farmhouses, lawns, and even in some people’s homes sometimes!

So here are some interesting ways how you can make your pool party functions look all bright and fun…

  • One with hashtag installations
  • Go Romantic with candles
  • Fun props
  • Floating floral props
  • Hashtag initials floating in the pool
  • Moroccan lamps beautifying the pool area
  • Vedi over the pool for wedding
  • Drapes, buntings and dreamcatchers for all those dreamy feels

These ideas will surely elevate the beauty of the décor done at the poolside. To make it more fun you can even add some games as well to entertain your guests and make them all involved in the celebration.

There are many poolside games that add to the fun. Few of them can be mentioned here.

  • Water tag
  • Mermaid race
  • Waterman game
  • Tug-o-war
  • Transport

Another most important thing we can do is setting the atmosphere by adding music to the party. Calm and quiet music will have a relaxing effect. However, if the group demands you should be ready to end the party with a DJ.

You also need Essential accessories should be provided to the Guests. These include –

  • Supplying towels
  • Supplying sunglasses or the visors
  • Providing sunscreens
  • Providing swim goggles
  • Providing baskets to keep all valuables safely
  • Providing waterproof cameras for capturing splashy moments

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