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How to Manage the Guestlist for an Intimate Wedding?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 10, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

The millennial couples nowadays want to celebrate their wedding with their close-knit family and friends. If you are also thinking of planning an intimate wedding then you have to be ready for making decisions that will put you in a dilemma! You must be confused about what this will include? It’s the number of guests that you want to invite. In an intimate wedding you need to cut down on that exceeding guestlist and then inviting those people who really matter. You have to exclude your far off relatives or second cousins to have a control on your guest list. 

Trust us, it takes a lot of efforts with Indian weddings, often argumentative. So, here are some easy tips that will help you manage your wedding list!


Go for a Destination Wedding

This is a perfect way to cut your wedding list into half easily. A destination wedding is a good idea to exclude guests without letting anyone down! Not everyone’s is able to travel to a distant place to attend a wedding.  

Don’t go for Barter Thing

People usually go for invite for invite thing. If someone invited to their wedding years ago then it is not necessary to invite them onto your too. Please avoid this, if you are not that close to them.  

Don’t Add Far-off Relatives Neighbours and Colleagues

This is the list of people that you should avoid inviting to your wedding. In the case of neighbours, you can send out sweets to announce it. Plus, in the case of office colleagues just invite your closed ones or reporting manager and avoid the other lot. 

Discuss with Your Parents and In-Laws

If you are planning your wedding by yourself, you really need to keep your parents as well as in-laws in the loop while preparing the wedding guestlist! We already discussed the guest list as one of the issues that can lead to conflicts with parents and in-laws. So, be clear with them that you are planning to have a close-knit affair. 

Have a Conversation With Your Friends

You really have to clear with your close weddings that it’s a close-knit affair, so they have to ditch their plus-ones for the wedding. Your friends will surely be ok with it! 

P.S.  Just sit back and relax, it’s the most special day of your life. So, stay calm while prepping the guest list. 

We hope you’ll sail through your wedding planning smoothly with these tips.

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