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How to avoid conflicts with parents during the ​wedding?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 30, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

A wedding is one of the biggest event in someone’s life and at the same time it is overwhelming for the parents as well. In all that wedding planning madness there are fair chances that your parents might also get a bit cranky. There could be many reasons behind these mood swings such as deadlines, vendor meetings, unmanageable tasks and all that stress that could lead to quite a stir. 

This could further lead to squabbles with the kids (bride and groom) as well. Here are some tips you could keep handy if you are planning your weddings and are facing similar issues:

Calmness is the key

Your temper would never lead you anywhere! Getting angry upon your parents or in-laws will make things even worse! Plus, in the case of in-laws,
this could ruin your impression too. So stay calm and create a healthy atmosphere, to stop creating setbacks in the planning process.

Analyse the issue

There could be so many things at which you and parents have different thoughts. It can be anything such as guest list, venue, menu and so on… We would suggest you don’t simply deny for the sake of denying. Just sit with them and have a chat about what they are thinking while making a certain decision. Getting to the root cause of the issue is essential. 

Designate them jobs

Make your parents an integral part of all the wedding planning. Not doing this will make your parents feel isolated them from the wedding planning. It is best if you allocate certain jobs to them as well and make them feel like a part of everything.

Don’t try to please everyone

Yes, you aren’t rajma chawal, you can’t make everyone happy! During the whole wedding planning process, everyone will have their own opinions and viewpoints. In all that planning doesn’t try to please parents, friends, your groom-to-be, etc. as it may cause chaos. However, it is best if you try to create a fine balance to avoid conflicts and arguments.

Listen to your heart

In the end, it is your special day, something you have dreamt about for years. It makes no sense to take extra stress, be unhappy and dissatisfied on your special occasion. So just follow your heart!

P.S- Winning a household debate won’t solve issues, finding a solution is key!

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