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How to pick your wedding hairstyle and makeup look?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • March 18, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

How to pick your wedding hairstyle and makeup look?


Deciding the perfect bridal look for your wedding is one of the most difficult decisions which makes it really daunting. You must have researched so much on the internet to nail that perfect wedding look, but it may be a little overwhelming. With so many options available online, it is very difficult to pick the perfect one from the sea of pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. There are also chances that you may even don’t know where to start. All the research, as well as wedding planning, will help you decide the look.

If you’re wondering how to choose your wedding hairstyle or what makeup look to go for, here are things that will help you decide your wedding hairstyle and makeup…



Type of your Venue


wedding venue


The type of venue will surely help you decide on your wedding day look. If you’ve already chosen your venue then you would determine what bridal hair and makeup look that will suit the ambience of the venue. You can go for lighter makeup and loose or open hairstyle if you are getting married in a closed banquet whereas if you have chosen an open farmhouse then you can totally go for a tight updo.



Your Wedding Lehenga


Golden Wedding lehenga


You just need to look at your wedding lehenga if you are still in a dilemma of deciding your wedding hairstyle and makeup look. The lehenga you will be donning at your wedding day will surely help you the type of makeup complementing your look. Plus, the hairstyle can be picked as per the on the shape of the neckline of your lehenga’s blouse.



Colour theme of the décor


Colour theme of your wedding


The colour theme of your wedding décor will surely help you decide your wedding day look. You can incorporate the hues of for your wedding day décor into your hair and makeup. Like for example, you are going for lavender coloured décor for the celebration them you can use those hues in your wedding look.



Timings of your Wedding


day wedding


The timing of your ceremony will also affect your makeup as well as hairstyle. If you are having a day wedding then you can go for subtle makeup with an easy-breezy hairdo. On the other hand, if you are going for an evening or night time ceremony then you can go for bolder shades for their makeup. Your MUA will help you decide your wedding look as per the time of your wedding.



Your Skin and Hair Type



This is the most important thing to keep in mind before deciding your wedding hairstyle and makeup look. The length, as well as the texture of your hair, may affect the type of hairdo that will suit your hair.  Same goes with the skin, as your skin type will also affect your makeup choices. Again, your MUA or hairstylist will be able to guide you better.



Your Personal Choice



Don’t forget it’s your big day and you have to be comfortable as well as confident about your wedding day look. If you have a preferred lip colour or hairdo that you feel will look beautiful on you, then just go ahead with it!


Just keep these tips handy while making the decision.


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