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How to Plan Perfect Dance Performances on your Sangeet Night?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 28, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

Sangeet functions are the most fun ceremony at Indian Weddings especially the dance performances. It’s the most fun-filled celebration where every guest dance at the stage, you, yourspouse, parents, or your BFFs. Performance has become the most anticipated part of this pre-wedding function. This sangeet function needs a lot of practice amidst those hectic wedding preps.

So, here are some tips and hacks to make this way more fun…

Make a list of people who are performing

You really need to make a list of all the people that are going to perform at the function. Get hang of your mains, parents, as well as close relatives, will be performing. This would really help you to plan all the performances further in various ways.


Your playlist is more important than the entire choreography of the performances. They will help you set the vibe as well as the right mood for the night. The most important thing about it assigning the track to everyone who will be performing.  

Performance Stage

While planning everything, you also need to keep in the mind the stage set up at the venue. There are many venues who usually have stunning stages for sangeet performances otherwise get it made as per the size of groups that will be performing. 

Don’t Forget The Couple Dance

Couple performance adds that romantic touch to the evening. Your guests wait for it and digging for it. So try to do a number or love songs or songs that tell your story. 

Choreography for all the performances

Undoubtedly, the choreography is the most important thing for the performance. You need to book a choreographer as soon as possible as sometimes your favourite ones are booked. 

We hope this will help you to have rocking dance performances on your sangeet.

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