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How to take care of your wedding outfits if your wedding day is postponed because of COVID-19?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 2, 2020
  • 4 minutes read


If you are one of those couples who had to postpone their wedding because of COVID-19 then we can totally understand your situation. You need to put in a lot of thought in the aftermath. You must be going through all the vendor contracts, bookings and looking for a new date and so on. You must have also got your wedding dress which has raised your concern for its care as well as storage till the new wedding date. If your wedding is postponed for more than a month or two then hanging your outfits in the closet just won’t cut it. Hanging your dresses would be a bit problematic for more than a month or two. All your outfits must be really heavy, delicate with all the layers and a lot of fabric and hanging them can damage their work or even silhouette.


So here are some tips to store them perfectly before your D-Day!



Analyse the timeline as well fabric of your outfits


You should really drop the idea of hanging the outfits if you have to store it for more than a couple of months. For instance, if your wedding is postponed for four or five months and you really can’t manage the proper flat storage, then only you should dress for longer. But, if you are opting for it then, you have to take the dress off the hanger every month and lay it on a flat surface, like your bed, in a cool, dark, dry environment with the shades drawn and the air conditioning on. Also, lay the outfits overnight for a day or two, that will help to relieve that stress from the. Then after that, you can put it back in your garment bag. We strongly advise you to check it every week to see if everything is fine.



Get the right things to prep it for storage


The type of materials used for storage holds so much importance. You can use the same bag or trunk for your wedding lehenga given by your designer if you are thinking of storing it in the same way you got it. You should also ditch the wire or wooden hanger of your engagement gown and get a padded hanger that’s as wide as the shoulders of your wedding dress. Also, get the right garment bags for your other outfits. Never use plastic as they are very acidic and air doesn’t flow through them. Instead, go for undyed, unbleached cotton muslin bag. Also, always use white cotton gloves, every time you touch the dresses as skin oils can easily transfer to the fabrics and discolour them.



Add support to the folds


You need to support every fold of your outfit. Always keep in mind that anytime you fold a three-dimensional textile, there will be stress on the yarns at the fold points which needs good support. This is because the weight of gravity on the folds can become a crease which further damage the fabric permanently.



Opt for the right environment


Whatever method you choose for storing your attires, the most important thing to keep in mind is the correct environment for the dress. You have to avoid two places most of all including basements and attics. You need to choose a place that is temperate and a place which is not exposed to direct sunlight. And again we are saying don’t forget to check on it.



Just do it right to keep all your outfits in good condition before the wedding.


Picture Courtesy: The Knotty Days



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