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Important things to keep in mind before you start your wedding planning

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 13, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

We know, you must have always dreamt of a perfect wedding since your childhood. Nowadays everyone is caught up so much in their lives that includes managing hectic schedules, work, meeting the vendors, taking important decisions, hunting for inspirational ideas and whatnot! Well, even the thought of it alone made us shudder.

Wedding planning includes various tasks such as finalising the dates, venue, décor, outfits, guestlist, as well as the gifts, and you are involved in all the decisions directly or indirectly.  If you want to smoothen your wedding planning process then there are some crucial things that you need to take care of.

Here is a list of tips you could keep handy (you will thank us later):


Finalizing the guest list should be the first task of the wedding planning. All the other major decisions are dependent on it including the venue selection, budgeting and a whole lot of other bookings and finalizations. Plus, make it wisely as it would be the easiest, fastest and best way to cut down your wedding expenditures by cutting down on the number of guests invited to the wedding.

Advance Bookings

It is always advised to make advance bookings, preferably six months prior to your wedding day, especially if you are getting hitched during the peak wedding season. This will help you to book the best options for your wedding.


Stay Organized

Start your planning by writing everything on a diary. This will help you make things clearer as important things will be written down and sorted. You can also jot the names, numbers as well as the email addresses of all your vendors. Also, add inspirational ideas, keep an update of the planning process and write down any extra details if required. For tech-savvy people, spreadsheets would be a better idea to do all the planning and keep a track of it.

Don’t exhaust your funds

Almost every wedding faces some unforeseen expenditures. Make sure you do not exhaust all your wedding funds and keep a good amount of money aside.

Be realistic with time

In all that wedding madness there is a chance where a whole lot of tasks stay pending one month away from your wedding. In those cases, you can strike out three tasks. No, we don’t mean the crucial ones, we are talking about the tasks like handmade favours for guests, DIY décor and so on.

We are quite sure that these tips will help you better for your D-day!

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