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Mistakes your hairstylist doesn’t want you to make on your wedding functions!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • June 21, 2021
  • 4 minutes read


Weddings are special and all the brides want to look their best on the wedding day and for that, they have to perfect hair, makeup and let’s not forget about that perfect lehenga. But one thing we want you to give more attention to is your hair as it can make or break your wedding look. In all your wedding functions you should not overlook your hairstyles. You must be trying different kinds of looks therefore you would be trying different kinds of hairstyles such as updo, braid, or top knot, soft curls, ponytails and so on. Though you must have decided your looks with your hairstylist still there are many things you need to consider when your wedding functions arrive, especially if you everything to be perfect and go smoothly for both you and your stylist. Here are some things that you should keep in mind to avoid any hiccups on your wedding functions …  banquet halls in south delhi


Here are four mistakes you should avoid doing to your hair on the big day.



Don’t go for something that doesn’t suit your taste


Your hairstyle reflects your personality and being a prise you should always go for something that you love and you can normally wear too. Just because it’s your wedding doesn’t mean you are obligated to go for updos or buns. If you always loved wearing your hair down or tied in a ponytail, you should go for something similar. Plus, if you are a fan of subtle hairstyles then you can go for soft curls as they always look ethereal and equally romantic.



Don’t come to your stylist with soaking wet hair


Trust us… It’s a big no-no! First of all, you should never be late for your bridal makeup and second of all you should not show up with really wet hair on the day of your functions. Drying them takes up a huge chunk of time, and being the bride, you won’t have it on your hands. Stylists prefer clean, dry hair for most hairstyles, except for a simple blowout where hair should be damp. Therefore, be on time and no wet hair!



Avoid over-conditioning your hair if you choose to wash it on the same day


In Indian weddings, a bride had to wash her hair on the wedding day! Therefore, we strongly recommend not over condition your hair, as too much of it can create limp and lead to greasy locks which usually gets difficult to style. If you want to go for stress-free styling, then it is advised to come in with hair that’s on the drier side as it creates more texture and holds for your functions’ styles.

Refrain from surprising your stylist with extensions

Though brides should be a little flexible when styling the hair on their wedding functions, that doesn’t mean that you surprise your stylist with extensions on the day of function. If you are getting them done, then it is advised to discuss them beforehand. Also, hair with an extension application can increase the time it takes to style your hair, making them something to decide on the way before you finally walk down the aisle. Therefore, be clear about what you want so that your stylist is ready for it!


We hope this helps!

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