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Some Expert Beauty Tips for Indian Wedding Makeup!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 5, 2021
  • 3 minutes read


Indian Brides are all about looking their best at their wedding functions and besides perfect attires what plays a major role in making or breaking a perfect bridal look is the makeup. Those times are totally gone when brides used to look unrecognizable on their wedding day as now it’s all about looking natural and being your best self, whether your wedding celebration spans one day or many, with these makeup and hair pointers from the expert stylists!



Start with getting guidance


If you don’t want to go OTT on your wedding day, then you can consult someone who recently got married about what they got done for themselves! You even need a little guidance if you are hiring professionals for your wedding. You should be aware of what kind of makeup, hairstyle or even nails will go with all your attires. You may also end up learning about the products that will suit you in the long run too.



Taking a call over the colours


As Indian weddings are all about colours, therefore it is suggested to go with a stronger palette when it comes to makeup. Try to stand out by not blending with your extravagant surroundings. Let your face win everyone’s attention. Though your MUA would know how to play up your look with hues that complement the wedding’s colours and that extravagant lehenga.



Keep your tools handy too


Indian wedding functions go for a longer time as compared to western wedding affairs. Brides usually apply their makeup in the wee hours of the afternoon, and then have to sit with it beyond midnight! That’s almost 24 hours of application. Plus, your makeup artist skedaddles as soon they are done therefore it is recommended to keep some products with you to get you through the rest of your big day. You can add a lip palette with a range of shades to match your outfit, blotting papers to keep skin shine-free, blush to give your get that afterglow and eyeliner too.



Go for waterproof makeup


Getting married is an overwhelming experience and there will be loads of crying while walking down the aisle, pheras and things can go e little emotional. Therefore, you need to go for leak-proof eye makeup. Ask your MUA which provides up to 12 hours of coverage.



False Eyelashes to win


Big and bold lashes are a must for bridal makeup. Apply individual lashes to your lash line to add subtle thickness, or use an entire strip of falsies for a more dramatic look. If applied in the right manner they would be really comfortable the whole time you are sitting for the ceremony!



We hope this will help you nail your wedding look!

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