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Things To Ask Your DJ Before Hiring Them For The Wedding

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 5, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Music is the soul of a wedding party, therefore it has to be rocking! It’s extremely important to get the right DJ for your cocktail party that will make your event a rocking affair. The right DJ is the one who understand the crowd and well, get their pulse and entice them to rock the dance floor. Earlier, we have talked about things to ask your photographer before booking them, which has made our audience curious about questions to be asked from the DJ before booking them. 

So here we are with a list of things that you should ask before booking them: 

Ask about their Style

It is important to know about the DJ’s style. You need to figure out that does their style matches the theme of your wedding. Do you want an edgy playlist or thinking to have a touch of retro or you are thinking of having an elegant cocktail party with lots of conversation? The music has to match your wedding’s theme and the taste of your guests.

Can you attend one of their events? 

We have always advised you to try before you buy! In the case of a DJ, you can see them perform live before you hire them. You can see their vibe and understand how entertaining they can be. Plus, you can also see how guests are responding to their playlist.

How will you handle song requests? 

This one is really important! A good DJ should be able to play or download any tune requested by the guests. Their flexibility can make the party memorable. There will be a solid chance of having special requests from the guests, therefore, the DJ must be prepped for the same. 

Will there be any requirement of equipment and arrangements?

You need to understand the requirement of the equipment that will be coming along with the DJ and also the need for something extra that needs to be arranged by you! So, figure this out with the DJ. If there are any extra supplies like an extension cord or speaker wires that need to be arranged at the venue, you must be prepared beforehand. 

How many hours are included in the budget?

Also, determine the hours that the DJ has agreed to be a part of the wedding. They usually come for a few hours and also take some breaks. You must get answers to all your queries and understand how much they’d charge in case the hours get extended as well. 

Do you have any more questions that you may want to ask your DJ? Tell us in comments below.

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