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What type of bride will you be as per your zodiac sign?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • July 25, 2019
  • 5 minutes read

Every girl dreams of being the perfect bride on her D-Day! But you must have also thought about what type of bride you will be or how you gonna behave in all that wedding madness. Whether you will be a bride chilla or bridezilla or you will be all nervous and cranky? We can tell you can predict your behaviour! It’s your zodiac sign can help you truly determine this. There can also be chances that you would have all the emotions going at one time or you may change in the course of months, weeks and days before your wedding day. But you must be wondering how will you be on your wedding day?

So here we are to help you to know the level of anger, tears, joy, excitement, nervousness and fear, that you may go through based on your zodiac sign here.



Aries’ brides possess qualities such as boldness and leadership skills in them which further makes them very energetic and bossy on their wedding day. Such brides won’t leave any chance to be a trendsetter on their wedding day. Such girls are soft-hearted inside, but they won’t let their emotions spoil the excitement of their D-day. But they will surely be nervous about how they look on the wedding day.



If we talk about Taurean brides, then they are known to be exuding cool vibes. They will have a crazy streak and will be too chilled out, as well. They will be found all concerned about good food, soothing décor and flowing wine even on their wedding day. Above all, a Taurus bride is a smart buyer when it comes to owning the best trousseau in a set budget.



A Gemini bride would be all about particularity that stands out. They are known to be so creative and particular about their things. Such brides don’t like to compromise on the smallest of the details. Geminis love to travel, so they will be inclined towards having a destination wedding. There are also chances that the dreamy nature of a Gemini bride often makes them confused about their choices.



It’s very much obvious, that a Cancerian bride would be the weepiest bride of all. Their emotional side would be upfront on the wedding day. But they can also be seen balancing their sensitive as well as the cheerful side. Such brides are more inclined towards an intimate wedding, celebrating just with their loved ones.



Leo brides are the most glamorous of all. They love to be in the spotlight and want all eyes are hooked on her. Leos are noted as bossy people who want everything to be done as per their desire. A Leo bride will be always focused on the finer things as well as the minor details.



Speaking of Virgo brides, they are the perfectionists. They will be well organized and a pro in plotting things right. They will plan their own wedding as no one would be able to meet their expectations and demands.



Librans being the balanced ones will be good problem solvers. You would find a Libran bride to be a peacemaker between the two families even on her wedding day. At the same time, they would want wish to grab a luxurious trousseau. Plus, they will have their emotional side that would love to keep the old world charm alive by using the old lehenga of her grandmother.



Scorpio brides would want to keep her things ultra-private and undiscovered. They would love to have a casual intimate wedding inviting just her closed ones. But, still, they would want her wedding to be graceful yet decent arrangements that will help their wedding to stand out.



A Sagittarius bride would love to have a lavish destination wedding over anything. Sagittarius woman has high energy levels but still, they will stay relaxed and will enjoy every bit of this special day. Sagittarians would like to follow wedding traditions and choosing a wedding trousseau would be a very casual thing for them.



A Capricorn bride would be inclined towards participating in the wedding ceremonies and take all the traditional experiences excitedly instead of roaming around for shopping. A Capricorn bride would be definitely a traditional and very professional bride.



If we talk about Aquarian brides then they can be unpredictable, strong-headed, and very impatient on their wedding day. They will be found dancing and partying with their people. They won’t be showing their emotional side even being full of emotions. They will enjoy each and every moment of their wedding and would be titled as the Dancing Diva.



Piscean brides would be too high on their emotions which will make controlling of tears next to impossible for the sensitive bride on their wedding day. Being the dreamy ones, they will be focused on the union of two souls more than the wedding and likes follow every ritual with emotions.


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