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10 things every bride misses after getting married

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • December 12, 2019
  • 4 minutes read

After all that wedding celebrations and honeymoon, your real married life begins. You will be living in a new home with your new family that can be a little overwhelming. You may be excited about the new phase of your life, but there are certain things that you are going to miss about your bachelorhood especially your home and family. If you’re also going through the same feelings then you will totally relate to these that every bride misses…

Food made by your mom

Nothing can beat the taste of your Mummy Ke Haathon Ka Khaana! We all come running to home whenever we hear about our mother’s cooking our favourite rajma chawal or chicken curry. Everything will taste different at your in-laws home which will surely make you miss your home-cooked food. 

Your room and your bed

Firstly, you have to share your room as well as the bed with someone, that too with a guy! We really hate to break it to you all the brides to be but some guys are really messy. That new room of yours may not be as comfortable as the one you have at your own place and that same happens the same with the bed. Your new bed may not be as cozy as your own bed which may annoy a bit. 

That helpful sibling

How much we fight with your sibling, they are our saviours. Trust us, after getting married you are going to miss your crazy fights, bickering and good times with your sibling. Also, your discussions about silly, as well as not so silly problems and keeping each other’s secrets, will also be missed so badly.

That life with snoozing

This is a bit painful! You can be the laziest person in the world at your parent’s home but you can’t be that at your husband’s home. After marriage, you will be expected to wake up early in the morning and spend some quality time with your new family. So, no more snoozing!

That fun time with friends

We all have a bunch of people who were there with us in our good and bad times. You must be having a lot of friends from school, tuition, college, work as well as colleagues from previous offices. There must be some childhood buds that lived nearby your place and you must have invited all of them to your wedding. Trust us, you will miss hanging out with them and catching up on the social gossip over the weekends. You really have to try hard to take time out and spend a few hours with some of your close friends and relive those moments.

When you can’t find something you kept somewhere

There is a well-known fact that a certain thing is not actually lost when even your mom couldn’t find it and this is a reality. Our mothers have has the superpower to find everything that you are unable to. Whether it’s your favourite pair of blue jeans, your pink skirt, laptop charger or a headband, she knows where exactly it is kept. How will you survive without here?

That Bed Tea

All of us girls are spoilt with that extra pampering at our parent’s home. You are really going to crave that amazing bed tea that you were given at your own home. That chai you will have at your breakfast will also not taste the same at your in-law’s place. 

Those instant hanging out plans with your family

Getting married would be one a life-changing thing. It comes with a new family, new routine, new responsibilities. Those random plans for movies or shopping with your mom and sibling won’t happen as they used to before you got married and nothing can replace that quality time with the family. 

You will surely miss your mom’s scolding and lectures

You are going to miss your mom every moment you will spend without her at your new home especially those little funny, arrogant and caring arguments, which used to annoy you the most. 

You wanna go back to your home

Even if you married the man of your dreams and have the most loving in-laws but there would be no home like yours. You will miss your parent’s pampering the most as their love is incomparable. Even their scolding will be remembered as the good times spent at your parents’ home. But as we all know, distance makes the heart grow fonder, which will entice you to visit them the soonest. 

If you miss something other than these things then do share with us in the comments below. 

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