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5 big mistakes to avoid while proposing for marriage

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 18, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life so that proposal should be all perfect to start with. You will be asking your girl to spend all her life with you so you just can’t afford to make any mistake while proposing for marriage. So, you have to keep in mind some things that will save you from ruining the most important moment of your life. 

So, here is a list of 5 common mistakes that people make while proposing for marriage which you can avoid to have a perfect moment…

Forgetting the Ring!

You just can’t go without a ring to propose the love of your life. No proposal is complete without that ring to show it off. If you are confused about what design would be perfect for her the just go for something from your family heirloom and get a nice of her choice with her afterwards. 

Being Hasty

Before proposing her, you have to give it a thought about not being hasty in taking the most important decision of your life. What if your relationship is not at that stage to make the lifetime commitment. We would suggest you go through some thinking and analyse your partner’s thoughts about it. There are chances that your partner is not on the same tangent so don’t be hasty.

Inviting Audience

We know you are really into her and want to spend the rest of your life with her. Plus, you also want to show it to the world and make it more special. But you have to skip the idea of proposing her in front of her family and friends as girls love to keep that moment between the two of you. It would be a situation where she can go all emotional or carried away at the moment which she would not want to in front of her friends and family. So keep it all intimate!

Not Keeping it a Secret

Don’t go babbling about this proposal thing in front of her friends as there may be a chance they won’t be able to keep it a secret. This can ruin your surprise, so just confide in those people who won’t spill the beans about the whole surprise proposal. 

Bad Timing

After all that planning of the big proposal, you really have to take care for the right time to pop the big question. Both of you will be telling your proposal story to the world, so make it perfect by choosing the correct moment.

So, we wish you all the luck, that your girl says yes! 

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