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An Ultimate Guide To Plan Your Honeymoon!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 21, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Honeymoon is one of the most important vacations in someone’s life that is why it needs meticulous planning. It would be all about having fun, relaxation and a very good chance to know your partner closely. It is always advised to plan it ahead to avoid any kind of goof ups. So to make that planning process smoother, we’ve made an ultimate guide that can help you to book the honeymoon of your dreams!

 Do it yourself!

We strictly advise you to plan your honeymoon on your own and don’t let someone interfere with your choices. We all usually take references and everything from our friends while getting married but for this task you shouldn’t. After all, it is all about your personal space so a third person may not understand what type of honeymoon do you want.

Keep an eye for the right deals

You will be splurging on this vacation. So, don’t go for that ‘lowest price’ deal for your honeymoon. Do your research and go a little extra with it so that you can get something unique at a good rate.


Don’t copy someone else’s itinerary 

Plan your honeymoon as per your likes and interests. Ask for references only but don’t go overboard  and carbon-copy someone’s honeymoon, even your bestie’s! Maybe you have similar taste as your friend, but chances are that your partner’s choices are very different form you too. So understand what you two want to do as a couple and plan it accordingly.


Mutual decisions and discussions

Both the partners should be indulged properly while doing bookings. If one of you is busy then, look through the final plan once at least before you spend that money.


Don’t get fooled by the gorgeous pictures

Some gorgeous pictures of clear skies and blue waters may attract you, but let them fool you! Always check reviews before making any bookings. 


Book your adventure activities in advance

There are certain honeymoon destinations such as New Zealand, Australia, Maldives and so on that are known for its adventure sports or activities, like bungee jumping, scuba, snorkelling and skydiving that gets booked out very fast. So if you are planning to visit that city only for that activity, make sure you check before you book.


Take some time after the wedding

We totally understand that you must be waiting for your honeymoon desperately, but at least take a week or seven days off before you go anywhere. There may be chances of you being exhausted from the wedding functions and you don’t want to spend your first few days sleeping off the exhaustion. So take your time before flying off to your honeymoon.

Check Weather and Political Scenario

Weather is super unpredictable these days, so check in prior. Also, check if there is any kind of unrest happening in the area you plan to visit. Most cities/towns shut down when there is any unrest, so you may lose out on precious time.


We hope this guide will help you to have a comfortable and funfilled honeymoon! Sope… Happy honeymooning! 🙂

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