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What are the Do’s and Don’ts of an Indian Wedding?

  • By admin
  • September 24, 2018
  • 2 minutes read

Indian weddings are quite a unique experience as they are all about customs, traditions and celebrations. Believe it or not, but sometimes weddings are even more than just celebrations in India. The marriage isn’t just between the bride and groom, but between their families who come together to celebrate the union. If you are invited to such a crucial event, accept the invitation to attend –but not without knowing these cultural do’s and don’ts before you go.

1. DO dress modestly

The wedding ceremony, is a religious affair, therefore your outfit must be picked carefully. Although you would be expected to dress in traditional outfits and the host will appreciate it if you do arrive in the such attire. If you choose to not sport the traditional apparel, make sure your outfit is decent to match the event.

2. DON’T wear black or white

At Indian weddings, the brighter, the better! You can wear almost any color, however, under no circumstances should you wear black or white. Why? White is the color generally reserved for funerals in India, while black signifies mourning.

3. Do get involved in the wedding

The best way to enjoy an Indian Wedding is by getting involved in it. Try to socialize or participating in the fun rituals, and getting on the dance floor during the reception. A good wedding guest, after all, is one who is truly enjoying him/herself!

4. Don’t expect a short event

Indian weddings are known for being drawn-out, over-the-top, 3-day affair. The traditions, rituals as well as the celebrations  take a long time to get over. Many Indian weddings are timed at some strange hours of the day or night. So be prepared for staying as well as travelling during the odd hours.

PS: Remember the most important DO of them all: enjoy yourself! The weddings are all about enjoying great music and food, and celebrating the newlyweds. Just mingle with the guests and raise a toast to the happy couple!

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