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Fun Things Brides Can do while waiting for the Baraat

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • December 9, 2019
  • 4 minutes read

Being the bride there will be thousands of emotions that you will be going through. You must be all excited and nervous at the same time for the D-day. In all that chaos, waiting for your baraat can be a little overwhelming. If you are a fun-loving bride, then you would love to do something while that long wait. Plus, you must have gone crazy because of all that wedding planning and you deserve a little good time on your wedding day. Here are some quirky things that you could do to make your baraat a little more fun!

Get some quirky shots with your bride squad

Your bride squad must be your saviour in all that wedding madness. Plus, being the bride you have to take some crazy or quirky shots with your squad to keep them as memories. You can spend that waiting time by getting clicked with your lovelies and your guy friends who are a part of your craziness! 

Hog on some food or drinks

It’s your wedding, you won’t be able to eat, once you make your bridal entry. So, take advantage of this time by satiating your hunger, you never know when will you get time to eat at the wedding! 

Your solo bridal portrait shoot

Being the bride, you just can’t have enough pictures and especially your solo bridal portraits. You can try out your favourite poses and get those perfect bridal pictures clicked by your professional photographer.


Spend some time with your family and friends

This would be your last moments as a single lady as after some time you will be all involved with your new family. Plus, your parents deserve to be felt special on your wedding day. You can spend some private moments with your mom and dad before you step out to start your new life.

Get some clicks with your parents and siblings

In all that last-minute chaos, you would not get time to spend with your parents at your wedding. Being the host of the wedding they must be busy making things perfect for your D-day! So, while waiting for the Baraat, you can get some amazing pictures with your parents as well as siblings as your memory. These pictures will be priceless to look at after years.

Pen down your feeling in your journal

We know, your wedding must be a really overwhelming moment for you. Becoming a bride and starting a whole new life by leaving the older one that you were leading from so many years would be a bit an emotional thing for you. There must be hundreds of feelings as well as emotions running through your mind. The best way to get hold of them is to pen them down in a journal. If you are one of those who love writing diaries, then this would be the perfect way to kill that waiting time. You can read these feeling even after years feel nostalgic about your wedding day.

Write down a speech for your hubby or family

You can add some loving moments to your wedding by surprising your family or husband with a heartfelt speech after. There is no better time to pen down that heartfelt speech while the baraat is on its way. 

Rehearse your bridal walk

Trust us, the whole gathering will be looking at you, the moment you walk into the venue. So, spend some time to work on your bridal walk and ask your bridesmaids to check if you are doing it right. It gets more important if you have planned it with your special people around you. It is advised to rehearse it beforehand so that you can avoid any kind of goof ups while walking in all your glory.

If you have some more ideas, then do share them with us in the comments below. 

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