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Hidden Weddings Costs That You Should Be Prepared For!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 13, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

The whole wedding planning process is dependent upon budgeting or we can say it all starts with it. Be it venue, décor, food, outfits, invitations or any other wedding-related decision, every decision is made based on this, as they are the major areas on which you will be spending money. There are chances when you may miss out some areas of expenditure which can further result in the tossing of the budget!

Trust us! We are not freaking you out, all we are doing is preparing you for some unforeseen expenditures, which you may have not considered while making your budget. It can range from alterations of your wedding outfit to tipping, there are a whole lot of hidden costs involved in a wedding.

Here are some areas for which you should be prepared for:

Outfit Alterations

Usually, a wedding outfit is ready a couple of months prior to the D-day. But, there can be chances that the outfit requires some alterations some days before the wedding and being such a heavy as well as expensive outfit, the alteration charges can be high.

Transportation and Accommodation

There must be some guests that would be coming from different cities or even different countries to attend your wedding. Therefore, you will have to arrange for transportation as well as accommodation for these guests.

Overtime Charges

You must be aware of the fact that the wedding vendors such as the photographer, the DJ, and the videographer are paid for only a stipulated number of hours. If the wedding runs longer than that, you will have to pay them more.


Every social or corporate celebration requires licenses for everything- alcohol, music, fire and many other things. Therefore, keep them in mind while budgeting.


Vendor Meals

Most of the vendors will be at the wedding for really long hours, therefore, you have to take care of their meals.

Back-up plan

In case you are having an outdoor function, you can never really predict the weather (well, almost). Keep some funds aside in case you have to make some last-minute arrangements.

Now, that you know you will have to keep some funds aside, start saving up!

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