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Home Remedies to have the perfect Pink Lips before your Wedding day

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • February 23, 2020
  • 3 minutes read



Cracked and dry lips are amongst the most common issues faced by us girls! Plus, when you are about to get married you want them to be plump and luscious. If you are also facing the same problem and looking for some simple ways to make your lips look all flawless then you can go for some easy home remedy tips and tricks. Now you can just sit at home and work on your lips to get some wonderful results even without spending a bomb. So, here are some home remedies that will help you get pink lips in 15 days!



Hydrating is the key!


This is the easiest yet most ignored thing we all do! You need to drink at least 3-4 litres amount of water daily. You should drink a glass of water every half an hour so that your body is hydrated throughout the day. Though external applications will help you soften your lips the benefits of water can do just cannot be matched.



Exfoliating with sugar and honey


This is a very natural and simple thing to do to get the pink lips in 15 days. All you need to do is take a teaspoon of honey and a little sugar then massage your lips with the mixture. You need to rub the mixture for a minute or two, rinse it off and then apply some Vaseline or coconut oil. Just don’t do it on a regular basis as it may tear the skin. So you can do it once every two weeks or even one day before the wedding.



Aloe gel for lip masks


We are all aware of the fact that aloe can do wonders for your skin and hair, but not only this they can also help you get pink lips in 15 days! As your lips are constantly exposed to changing climate, dust and pollution, therefore, they also require spa-like treatment to get all rejuvenated. Aloe gel onto your lips will make them all soft, nourished, and pink.



Use almond oil to soften them


Almond oil helps you to improve the texture and colour of your lips. It is surely one of the easiest and simplest ways to get your lips the natural softness and colour. You can also use olive oil or pure coconut oil that will make them naturally pink.



Use beets to nourish them


The easiest ways to nourish your lips is by eating and applying beetroot. You can add boiled beetroot to your diet and have then once every couple of days. You can also apply the juice of the beetroot on your lips will give it a lovely, vibrant pink colour.



The above-mentioned tips will guarantee you a flaunting pout on the most important day of your life!



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