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How to be the best Brides men or Groomsmen?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 19, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

It’s not an easy task to get married, all the planning and being the centre of attraction it a tough thing to do. Therefore, people require their squad to be with them to go through all this process with a smile on their face. We have always talked about bridesmaids and their duties, but now even groomsmen as well as brides men have got so much to do as well. The role of a best man or even a groomsman is more functional than we can gather. When your best friend is finally getting hitched to the man/woman of their dreams, it’s a serious call of duty to be his right-hand man for all things wedding.

So here we are to help you with our Brides men & Groomsmen’s Guide to get you started!


Firstly, plan a crazy bachelor’s or a bachelorette party

You should totally go wild with this one. Everyone deserves to have a crazy bachelor’s or a bachelorette party before they tie the knot. So when you’re planning this party add all things fun to make sure friend have the best time of their life. 


Give that last minute errands’ help

If you want to be the best Groomsman/Bridesman then you have to be someone who can be the glue that pulls all the last minute mishaps together. You have to be on your toes and be there for your friend. Be it getting them hangover kits, lehenga alterations, getting a new pair of juttis and what not. You should be ready to pull out your car and get them everything they want. 


Indulge Everyone

An Indian wedding will have everyone as guests like family, friends, work friends, family friends, distant relatives and so on. You have to act as a social glue and involve everyone in the celebration. Make sure everyone dance merrily in the baraat to make it look more lively!

Be the saviour of the cold feet

Wedding jitters are very normal, be it for the bride or even groom! Being the best man (from either side) it’s your duty to act as an encouraging pillar of emotional support as they need and hear them out sans judgment. If needed, get them a glass of wine or scotch to calm their nerves before the wedding. 

Don’t forget the speech

It’s kind of a new thing in Indian weddings, but it’s a perfect and heartfelt way to make the bride/groom teary-eyed about how happy you are they’re finally getting married and how you were always rooting for them!

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