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How to keep your Wedding Lehenga always fresh?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • May 13, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Every girl dreams of being a flawless bride on her wedding day, which is why her lehenga is the main concern. It has to be the best with beautiful embroidery and a nice silhouette. Such an outfit does not come cheap and there is one issue that bothers every bride is taking care of it and storing it perfectly. It just can’t be wrapped and stored somewhere. It needs care as the fabric and the embroidery is so delicate that needs a little care. So, here we are with some tips that will help you to keep it always fresh…


Dry Clean it

After flaunting it on your D-Day, your lehenga needs to be cleaned so don’t delay getting it dry cleaned after the wedding. The length of the skirt of your lehenga is usually long which may get spoiled from below at the wedding halls. If you store it without getting it cleaned then it may get discoloured or patchy over time. So, send the lehenga to a reputed dry cleaner as soon as you get some time to do so.


Fold the Lehenga properly, don’t hang it

It is not advisable to hang your wedding lehenga while storing it! Undoubtedly, the lehenga is very heavy and its weight will pull down the attire which will further lead to the dress losing its shape. Therefore, fold your lehenga when you store it. It keeps the shape intact and will also protect the fabric as well as delicate, embellished work.

Plus, you need to fold it carefully. The skirt needs extra care as it is heavy as well as puffy. Therefore, fold it in small folds, and put sheets of acid-free tissue paper between each fold. It will protect the fabric and the embroidery from getting entangled in each other out. Also, try and fold along the panel lines so that creases don’t get formed in the centre of the panels. Once you have carefully folded your lehenga, wrap it in a muslin cloth. Make sure the muslin is unbleached and soft to protect the lehenga. You should fold it and store it away in a sturdy cardboard box that will prevent light from reaching the garment. Get a box that is made of acid-free cardboard and store the muslin-wrapped lehenga in it carefully.


Keep the insects away

It is also advised to use cloves, lavender sachets, cedar oil or naphthalene balls to keep the space pest-free!


Let it breathe

Last, and the most important take it out once in a while to let the fabric breathe and re-fold it so that creases don’t become permanent!

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