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How to share your Honeymoon Diaries on ​social media?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • December 3, 2019
  • 4 minutes read

We all know how excited you are about your honeymoon and you eagerly want to share those stunning pictures over social media. But in all this excitement you should not forget that multiple postings documenting your trip drive your friends, family and the new spouse a little crazy. If you really want to document your special moments publicly to show it to your curious friends and family or just beautifying your Instagram feed with stunning travel pictures then you have to keep some things in your mind.  

Here, is a simple guide that you can follow before sharing your honeymoon on social media…

How to get the Instagram-worthy pictures? 

If you are really keen on getting the perfect shots that are not mere selfies then carry the right gear with you. You will be requiring something that will help you to take some snapshots like a fancy digital camera or a selfie stick. If you are thinking of an underwater excursion or trekking on your honeymoon then carry hardy devices such as a waterproof camera for water sports or protective equipment such a camera strap to prevent your tech from falling down a mountain. Also, keep extra memory cards for added photo storage. Above all, if you want to take all the pictures on your phone, then get sturdy cases as well as screen protectors to save your phone from any damage. For all that extra glamorous pictures of you both, you can also hire a honeymoon photographer which are nowadays offering different packages and prices. 

The Right time to post

After picking the right pictures with your partner, you are all set to share them on social media. It is advised to wait until you have some downtime, rather than posting right at the moment. You must be posting Instagram Stories in real-time is less disruptive than beautified pictures. 

You can post them while travelling or when your better half is asleep or when your spouse is in the restroom. Don’t get too engrossed in posting them that you end up spoiling your bonding time. Also, save your mobile data so that you don’t end up having a heavy phone bill.

Things to share on social media 

Always keep your followers in mind before sharing stuff on social media. There must be your friends as well as relatives that are waiting for your exotic pictures as well as see the location where you are having a good time with your partner. Plus, it’s way easy to post it on social media than texting them individually. We know they love you, but you should not fill their Instagram feed with all your honeymoon posts. Also, they would not like to see repetitive couple’s portraits. Therefore, do use your discretion and don’t forget about your safety as certain information, like your hotel room number, should not be shared online.

The most important thing is reading your audience. You should sit with your partner and clear some personal posts. You can create another folder for your private, or that ultra-romantic and extra-special moment between the two of you.

If you want to know what kind of posts your followers will like. Then we will suggest you- be creative and go for showcasing the beauty of the place and humorous moments. Instead of sharing your ring clad hands go for scenic pictures with stunning backdrops, documenting the breathtaking sunrises or sunsets your location’s known for. Trust us, natural and genuine social media posts never fail to create a beautiful Instagram feed.

We hope these tips will help you create some beautiful memories and sharing them on social media in the best possible way!

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