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Makeup tips for the brides doing makeup on their own for their intimate wedding

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 26, 2020
  • 3 minutes read


Bridal makeup is one of the most crucial things for the brides. But, things have changed a bit as now people are inclined towards the intimate setting for weddings. Even the type of your makeup can be affected as now the venue has changed from big farms or banquets to your homes. Plus, while deciding your bridal makeup we would suggest you rely upon a professional bridal makeup artist as they know the best for you!  Whereas if you are thinking of doing your own bridal makeup and want a little professional help then don’t worry… here we are to help you out. Here are some expert tips from professional bridal makeup artists that will help ace that bridal look…


  • Do practice the makeup look at least 2-3 times you want to have at your wedding. After trying it click some pictures to see how it looks in the pictures
  • Just go for makeup products that can be used afterwards as well
  • If you want to go forward with a very soft touch of makeup then it is advised to use any foundation with a bit of moisturizer and sunscreen mixed into it. It will work like a BB cream and give you a flawless look and yet not look fully covered
  • You can go for cream blush to get a natural flush on your cheeks. For that, you can even lipstick as a quick hack instead in case you don’t have a cream blush
  • Apply the same corresponding shade of lip liner as a base on your lips and then and pack the lipstick over it for a long-lasting lipstick
  • If you are planning to add a little to your eye makeup, then you should go subtle on s on the rest of your face
  • Clean your brushes properly before using them
  • Avoid experimenting with new makeup products as there are chances they may not suit your skin
  • Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on your skin before putting on makeup. Also, keep in mind that even a good concealer is enough. You don’t always have to use a foundation
  • Get a good colour corrector on areas of discolouration, pigmentation and acne marks. If you are using a lighter shade of concealer then you can use it for highlighting and not for hiding imperfections on the skin. Always keep in mind that a highlighting concealer is different from a hiding concealer
  • Use a concealer that matches your skin tone closely that will help you cover the pigmented areas on the skin
  • If you want to make your kajal last longer with smudging then you can dab black colour eye shadow top of kajal.
  • Pick a dark brown eyebrow pencil or powder if you want natural-looking eyebrows
  • Always do your eye makeup before the face to avoid fallout ensuring a fresh look



These are some game-changing tips for brides to look flawless at all times. So, just follow them to look all radiant on your wedding.



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