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Simple Workplace Ethics That All Brides-To-Be Must Follow

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 19, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

It’s a common phenomenon that brides-to-be work for months in advance to prep for their D-Day! And we know they are very much excited as the enthusiasm is like never before. Everything about this excitement as well as obsession is perfectly fine until it is affecting your work. You need to keep in mind that it is your life that is going through a big change, not your office culture. Therefore, you need to be careful about certain things at your office too. So, here are some simple rules that you can abide by to have tension-free days at the office.

Inform your boss beforehand

If you want your preparations to go smoothly, you really need to inform your boss much in advance. It is the best and wisest thing to do since they will anyway get to know about it. You need to behave professionally as telling beforehand will give them plenty of time to split responsibilities in your absence. 

Don’t talk about your wedding all the time 

You must in the midst of booking your vendors such as a photographer, makeup artist, wedding venues and even trying to make some changes in the corporate party venues in Gurgaon to look like a wedding venue. So, you need to calm down your inner bride and not discuss your preparations or courtship stories to annoy your mates.  


Go for ‘all or none’ policy for the invitation

Don’t do such kind of mistake while inviting your teammates. Think again about inviting only five people out of a team of seven. Such things put them all in an uncomfortable situation. You should go for the policy all or none but still, if you wish to limit your guest list then ask the ones invited to not blab about it.

Try to stay organized

There will be so many things that will be going at one point in time. To avoid being a mess you should create helpful worksheets as well as checklists to track all the bookings, progress and appointments. It is a cool and smart way to go, and it won’t even interfere with your office work.

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