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Some simple beauty tricks that every bride should be aware of!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 6, 2019
  • 4 minutes read

We all know to get that bridal glow is a big monster to handle! You will be making a million visits to your salon to look perfect on your D-Day. There would be a huge list of treatments that you must be planning on doing including mani-pedis, facials, body polishing, hair spas and whatnot prior to the wedding. We have already discussed how to take care of your hair before your wedding, now we would be sharing some simple beauty tricks with you that can help you to take care of yourself.

It is advised to start taking care of your skin at least 6 prior to your wedding day. We are suggesting this because even the most advanced facial or skin treatment would not be able to do wonders if your skin hasn’t been treated right beforehand!

Here are some easy beauty tips and tricks that you can follow to make your own bridal skincare plan.


Go for drinking the greens

Since childhood, we are being forced to eat green vegetables and there’s a valid reason behind it. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre but low in calories that helps you to have healthy skin, hair, bones and even eyesight. So, during your pre-bridal beauty routine go for green juices that are great for the skin as they are oxygenating and contains vital minerals to help stimulate the lymphatic system and drain out the puffiness. It won’t taste good, but its benefits would be really magical!


Take the Silk Route!

We are not telling you to go for a trip at the famous Silk Route but shop for silk or satin pillowcases for smooth and line-less skin. Some of you must not be aware of the fact that cotton pillowcases may cause wrinkles and lines faster than sleeping on the silk or satin ones. They also help in lessening hair breakage, so it’s a double whammy!


Exfoliation is a must!

Exfoliation of the skin helps you to get rid of dead skin cells that make your skin look drab and dry. It is advised to go for regular exfoliation that too paired with a brightening serum. This combination will help you get that perfect glow on your wedding day. It also improves the radiance and can enhance the absorption of skin brightening products through the skin.


Try Dry Brushing

This would be new for you! These dry brushes are really popular nowadays. Brushing with it has yielded major skin benefits. It will help you to exfoliate and increase blood circulation. It also has an overall wellness standpoint as it revs up the flow of lymph, which is an all-important fluid that whisks toxins out of our systems. All you can do is dry brush your body with some oil before your shower and you are good to go!


Add Retinol  to your regime

Retinol has gained popularity as the gold standard of skincare. It is derived from vitamin A, that increases the cell turnover, unclogging of pores, boosting collagen, and diminishing the hyperpigmentation.

Pro tip: Start this slowly to see if it suits your skin and then bring it up.


Last, but not the least: Manage Stress

We know, stress must be dancing on your head because of all that wedding madness which would be one of the major reasons for your dull. All you need to do is take adequate sleep, yoga classes or you can even try guided meditation apps to take get rid of that stress.


All these beauty tricks are apt for normal skin. But, if you are suffering from any kind of skin issues or acne breakouts, then visiting a dermatologist would be the best thing for you, before you try any of these.

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