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Things brides should eat and do on their wedding day

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • December 12, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

Whatever your shape or size or the wedding style is, being the bride you have to look as well as feel good inside out. You must have booked the best makeup artist or  got the perfect bridal lehenga, but there are certain things that can create a hindrance in making you look perfect. One of the most common thing faced by brides is that unexpected bloating that can make you uncomfortable. To avoid this, you have to eat right on your wedding day! Plus, the right food will make you feel right on the most special day of your life.  

The right foods will not only help you to stay bloat free but also make your dress look great on you! Above all, these tips will help you feel perfect and reduce stress that will further avoid moments that can turn you into a bridezilla! 

Things to avoid

  • Don’t skip meals due to jitters and a hectic schedule. 
  • Don’t let stress overcome you and avoid you from getting enough nutrients and water throughout 
  • Avoid trying something new or exotic as it might have a weird effect on your system
  • Stressing too much

Things to do

  • Do carry a bottle of water with you and pack extra healthy snacks to be prepared
  • Another great way to keep stress at bay is with regular exercise 
  • Add lean, grilled protein, brown rice and veggies in your that will help you maintain optimal balance of nutrients
  • Stick with your go-to breakfast, be it your favourite toast with butter, eggs or a cup of coffee
  • Get  some “me time,” and use it for some workout, meditation session or just having your favourite tea or coffee
  • Play with your pets if you have any to relieve your stress

These straightforward tips will help you look as well as feel amazing for the moment that matters the most.

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