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Things not to leave For The Last Minute Before the Wedding

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • December 6, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

In all that wedding planning madness, the last few days can prove to be really crucial as well as hectic at the same time. That time period often gets a little blurry as your family coming in from other cities, wedding rituals and those last-minute prepping, it may get a little chaotic. However, there are a few things about the wedding planning that shouldn’t be left for the very last minute – else it will ensure chaos. 

So, keep these important things in mind.

Fittings and alterations of your wedding as well as pre-wedding outfits

All your outfits, be it your wedding lehenga, engagement gown, mehendi outfit and any other attire may need final fittings. There is a chance that you may have lost or gained a little weight that will surely affect your size. Above all, you can’t afford to wear ill-fitted attire on your own functions. So meet your designer, wear the same lingerie that you will be wearing on your wedding day and then get any alterations if they are required.

Finalizing your makeup looks and hairstyles 

Don’t leave your makeup and hair looks like a surprise on the final day! Meet your makeup and hair artist and finalize the looks that you want to carry for your functions. Also, try to arrange a small trial so you can gauge what it would look like.

Honeymoon packing

There are chances that you must have planned your honeymoon just a few days after the wedding and you must be thinking you got plenty of time for your packing. We are all aware of the fact that Indian weddings are really exhausting, therefore you might need a few days to recuperate. So, keep your bags packed and print out all your tickets, visa and hotel bookings so that you don’t end up scrambling at the last moment.  

Salon appointments

It is advised not to leave your waxing and other salon treatments for the last week. Get it done at least one to two weeks before your wedding functions so that if any of the products caused any reaction then it can be treated there and then. 

Assigning a commander in chief

Being the bride, you won’t be able to available all the time, so you need to appoint someone as a commander in chief who can coordinate with the wedding planner, the makeup artist and handle all the other vendors. You can hand over the tasks to your sibling cousin or BFF who will help you in all the wedding-related tasks.  

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