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Things that no one tells you about Honeymoon

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • March 26, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Things that no one tells you about Honeymoon


Even if you are planning a normal vacation, you would require months planning but here we are talking about the honeymoon! This is no ordinary vacation as it is a part of all that wedding planning. You need to choose the most exotic destination, then book the flights as well as hotels and most important of all, an itinerary that matches both of your interests. But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while planning your honeymoon. Though it is one of the most amazing time of your life it has something more to it that no one tells you about… Fret not, here we are to keep you sorted…



Read on guys…



It is the most special time of your life


We know, you must not be wanting to be that extra romantic couples cuddling at the airport or holding hands all the time but trust us, all this comes naturally to the newlywed couples.  This is the best time of your life and starting a whole new journey together and all these moments is a part of celebrating it with no wedding planning stress on your shoulders! So, just go with the flow and enjoy it!



Don’t rush into adventures


Trust us, there are chances that you might not feel relaxed until a day or two. If you are thinking some hours of relaxing will help you rejuvenate you then you are clearly mistaken. There are chances that you still be feeling the adrenaline pushing you because of the wedding madness. So, you need to go with the flow and don’t rush into anything adventurous such as scuba excursion or hiking.



It may not be like the one you always dreamt


You must have waited for your honeymoon since a really long time and the excitement must be dancing inside you. Even you must have packed your fanciest lingerie and ordered expensive champagne to have a romantic night, but sometimes things may not go as planned. As you will be indulging in the outdoor activity by the day which may take a toll on you. So just relax in, watch a movie or a TV show with your partner.



Some goof ups may happen


As we have already said, that it may not go on as you planned, so do make some room for unexpected situations such as your hotel room not being lovely as it looked while booking, missing a connecting flight or feeling well… There are plenty of things that can go wrong you might miss a connecting flight or you might even get sick, but you should not let these things take a toll on you! Just enjoy the right things and carry some basic meds with you.



You won’t be willing to come back home


As it’s the most special vacation of your life and being the newly-wed couple this would be the biggest one together. This will make coming back from it really difficult for you! Coming back to reality will be a little hard for you!





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