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Wedding trends that you should ditch in the upcoming wedding season

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 6, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

In the due course of time, Pinterest and Instagram have brought the stylistic sameness in the weddings as over-saturated trends are adding boredom. People are getting inspired by such trends rather than daring to be different or opting for a more personalized approach to wedding planning.

There are trends such as cheesy accessories to the repetitive tabletop, florals, and decor motifs, that we never want to see again especially this year. We really need to move forward and ditch the below-mentioned wedding trends to create a statement this year…

Floral Tiaras or Crowns

We are well aware of the fact that floral jewellery has become a part of Indian Brides when it comes to mehendi ceremonies. But, this once-favoured hair accessory is now become so overrated and are no longer the sweet, feminine extras. Let us leave them for music festivals instead of wearing them for weddings. Instead, go for petite blooms and a smaller scale overall rather than an oversized wreath that will complement your hair tone and texture.


Hyped use of Gold

Once upon a time, gold was the colour of the season. But now wedding decorators have exhausted their ideas for this toned celebrations. Plus, the brides have now moved on from this shade as well. The gold fever manifested in the over-employment of the colour to dominate the scene is a trend that should meet an end. So let’s just get over them too.

Overly Customized Outfits

We understand customizations help to incorporate elements of your personality and style into your attires, but they have gone out of hands now. This redesigning of your lehenga to the point where you are completely departing from its original silhouette. Writing mantras or couple’s name are now getting out of hands now. We think this should take a back seat now!

Cheesy Pre-wedding shoots

Trust us nobody wants to be assaulted by the social media pictures of love-struck couples imitating some celebrities or re-enacting a scene from their favourite movies. It is really important to remind people that two people are getting married for themselves and not for social media. So, it has to take a back seat now and let it remain an important occasion and not create too much hype on Instagram.

These were some of the outdated wedding trends and alternative options for them. We hope that they have been of benefit to you.

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