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7 Things you will surely miss about your Wedding

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • December 17, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

After all that wedding planning madness and celebration, you will surely get nostalgic about all that you went through this whole process. Your wedding week must have been the best time of your life, which you will cherish as well as miss all your life. All that chaos, laughter, alcohol, dance, shopping, dress trials, rehearsals, sangeet performances and endless conversations must have resulted in creating so many memories for you and your family. We made a list of such memorable things that you will surely going to miss after your wedding day!

Shopping madness and outfit trials

Shopping is the best thing in all that wedding planning. You must have got to splurge on so many outfits, which is very much exciting as it sounds. You must have hunted for your wedding outfits from Chandni Chowk to DLF Emporio to get that perfect lehenga for your wedding. Not only that wedding lehenga, but you must have shopped for the jewellery, shoes, hair accessories and whatnot, as the wedding shopping was paramount at that time! Plus, all those outfit trials that you must have gone for at various designers’ stores. You will definitely miss that. 

Crazy bachelorette

You bachelorette must be the most amazing time that you spent with your bride squad. It must have been that fun night where you drank, danced, shared some secrets and did some exciting things to make it memorable. Certainly, it must have been the night that you would want to relive timelessly.

All those dance practice sessions

That’s the quality time that you will going to spend with friends and family altogether. Those sangeet dance rehearsals will surely help all your clan and friends get together to prep you for the ultimate dance battle with the groom’s side on your sangeet function. 

Being pampered

We all know it, being the bride you must have been the centre of attraction of everything which means that you must be pampered like a star as it was your wedding. You must have got all the pampering and attention from friends as well as the family. Starting from surprises, quirky gifts to the healthy food your mother feeds, we’re sure you will miss it all!


Ah! Those endless photoshoots… You must have got a little annoyed at that point of time when you will be asked to strike poses. But, you will cherish that time afterwards when you go through all your wedding photos!

Salon appointments

Those salon appointments with all that pampering will surely be missed after the wedding day. All that prepping of skin and hair before the wedding day to look perfect will surely be missed by you. 

No office work

This would surely be the best thing before the wedding day. There must have been no work pressure and spending all the time on yourself is the greatest thing about getting married! How much you must have loved all that time when you don’t have to wake up early to go to the office and work, and all you had to care about was yourself.

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