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An Essential Post-Wedding Checklist For All The Brides!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • June 3, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

We have always talked about all the essential things to do before the wedding for brides, grooms, bridesmaids as well as the families of the couple. Then we also made the checklists for the day of the wedding as well. But, what about after the wedding? Is there a regime to be followed after the D-day? This post wedding routine is a must to detoxify yourself from all the wedding madness. Plus, you will love to follow this checklist as there won’t be any fixed timeline to do it, as all you need to do is relax.

So here is the much-awaited post-wedding checklist!


Get your wedding registered

This is important! In some cases, the couples go for a court marriage prior to the traditional wedding, whereas if you haven’t then you should get it registered as soon as possible. This is a registration, not a court marriage as you are married as per the religious customs.


Review all the vendors

You must have paid them for their services, so the next step should be giving your feedback to them about their services, whether it was good or bad. You can leave reviews on their websites, portals or even text them personally telling them about the services they offered.


Store your wedding lehenga and jewellery properly

Your wedding lehenga as well the jewellery must have costed a bomb! So you just can’t keep them as you keep your normal stuff. We have already shared a guide for storing the wedding lehenga properly, so you can check that out! When it comes to jewellery, every piece of jewellery needs to be stored separately!


Go for facials and hair spas

After all that makeups as well as styling during that wedding madness, your skin and hair need to be taken care of. Book your appointment to the salon and get nice facials as well as hair spas to rejuvenate them before your honeymoon.


Select your wedding pictures

We know it’s a mammoth task! Selecting the final images for your wedding album is really important as they are the keepsake of your wedding. We advise ensure you to set a timeline for this or you will get sucked into an endless interaction with your photographer!


Thank You Notes

According to us, it’s important to let the people who came and showered you with blessings on the wedding that you value their time. If not thank you notes, call or text people to know that their presence meant a lot to you!

You can thank us later!

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