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Best Facials For That Bridal Glow As Per The Skin Type

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 18, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

After finalizing the date, every would-be bride’s mind starts storming with the ideas to look all radiant on her D-Day! They all want to look all fit and have that gorgeous bridal glow. When it comes to looking flawless on your big day, there is one thing that can help you achieve that is facials. So, if you’re confused which facial you should go for that bridal glow, here’s the ultimate guide for you. We have also discussed some high technology skincare treatments that every bride should know! Now, this guide will help all the brides to choose the best facials as per the skin they are dealing with…

Dry Skin– Hydration is the Thing!

For dry skin, it is always suggested to go for essential oils and creamy face packs. The best way to get rid of flaky skin is going for a long, comforting massage with all kinds of hydrating products. Such massages help to regulate blood the blood flow as well as lock-in oodles of moisture in the skin. You can use a mild exfoliator which helps in the removal of dead skin cells and the flaky parts of the skin. After that massage with the moisturizing essential oils and creams. Repeat this for 15 days and get that perfect glow!

Oily skin- Go for gels

For oily skin, gel-based facials will work like magic. Just stay steer clear of all creamy and oily facial products and use something simple like aloe vera. Also, go for a slight massage as too much of it will once again send the oil glands in overdrive. Even doing once a month can bring on the bridal glow!

Combination Skin – Try until you get a perfect buy!

In some cases gel-based products make the skin look radiant whereas someone else with combination skin can experience the same with oil-based products. So, try, till you succeed, In some cases, even a fresh papaya massage can do wonders for the skin. All the best, ladies with combination skin.

Sensitive Skin- Fruits become best friends 

People with sensitive skin who experience redness, itchiness and inflammation should go for fresh fruits. They can apply refrigerated banana mash, papaya pulp and tomato on the skin. The juices of these fresh fruits will penetrate the skin, hydrate it and take care of irritated and inflamed skin. Going au-naturel is the best solution for girls with sensitive skin!

 So all the best ladies! Get that glow for your wedding day with these tips!

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